Interview on 09/12/2014

Hey! So, I have an interview on the 9th of December! I've got to phone in and tell my advisor lady that I wish to go as a CT instead as a WS but that should all be good!

I've got the letter with the advice and guidance on it, but I was just wondering if anyone had some extra tips?

Also, on the guidance sheet it gives you the list of examples of stuff you've been involved in and info you need to know... is it acceptable to take notes for this part?

Thanks for any help!
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Hey! So, the letter pretty much covers what is required for the interview and when you ring your advisor lady, she can answer any queries you may have.

The only extra tips I can think of is be early, ring ahead if you are delayed & dress appropriately for a job interview.
I have a feeling that your "Hey! So," was a little bit of a p*ss take, if so.. well played...

And awesome cheers, is it a good or bad idea to take a small amount of "promt" notes in with me?
Probably a bad idea, you should be able to remember what you have been involved in seen as it happened to you. If I was an interviewer and a candidate had notes with them I would find it hard to believe what they're saying actually happened to them. Of course that's just me though. Good luck!

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Yea I figured that, but on the other hand, i dont want them to ask me something and I completely forget a major decent part of my answer... I'm more nervous for this than my first ever interview!
They get that you're going to be nervous and don't expect you to have an answer to every single question. Do your revision and do some role play with someone practising answering the questions because I found that really helps. For your competency based questions don't rehearse your answers either just know the general overview and you'll be fine. Good luck.

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Yeah basically no notes was the case for my interview. I had written out my weekly training plan and took that with me in an attempt to prove how serious I am about my training but was asked not to show any notes and my CA was happy with me verbally relaying what training I was doing etc. they do take notes. Good luck for the interview!
The best advice I can give is to listen carefully to the example questions that will be asked, once the question is asked, take a moment to think of your answer, it is very easy to go off on a tangent.
Yeah dont take prompt notes in, just make notes and read them through regularly. Make concise notes rather than the actual passage you are going to say, otherwise you will never remember it all!


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I have a feeling that your "Hey! So," was a little bit of a p*ss take, if so.. well played...

And awesome cheers, is it a good or bad idea to take a small amount of "promt" notes in with me?
Surely not? Believe it or not it's an interview technique called "mirroring", used to put the individual at ease.

An example would be if the interviewee referred to their Mum as "Mumsie", then an interviewer should follow-up with something like: "What does Mumsie think of your application to join the Navy?" etc.

With regards notes at interview, it's up to the interviewer. For me, I don't mind as it may help the nervous individual and it shows me they have taken the time to conduct some serious research.

Ultimately, just ask your advisor lady (see what I did there?) if notes are permitted.
Ah fair enough, well I thought you were having a joke, which I assume has the same effect :)

I'll phone in tomorrow when I have some time in work and i'll have a little chat with her then :)
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