Interview numbero uno tomo. Any last min tips?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by helo89, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. I have my first interview tomorrow to see whether i am suitable for AIB. Revised loads, training, BRNC, specialist subject area, locations and i was just wondering does any one have any last minutes tips for me?

    And can i just check options for leaving. You can leave during officer training or at the end of officer training but then once you have signed up its a 12 year contract? I keep finding different info and am a little confused.

    Cheers :)
  2. just a guess...have some knowledge on the current ships/subs in service, some basic knowlegdge on ops and mayeb try and find out the RNs role in afghan..

    again..that is just a guess...other may tell you otherwise..

    good luck shippers
  3. Wear clean underwear just in case!!
  4. Haha clean underwear is always a good call!

    Yeh im pretty good on ships and aircrafts so that shouldn't be a problem but ta for the help!
  5. Can you think of examples of times when you have shown leadership potential?
  6. I've organised things at uni and led a camping expedition on an outward bound course. I can think of a few other things as well on a sailing trip and at my local archery club so hopefully im set there but i am a little worried at how many examples i need.
  7. Make sure you can identify ships, boats, and aircraft from pictures!
  8. Love my aircrafts so that won't be a problem! :D And im not bad on ships, boats on the you mean vessels smaller than the frigates?
  9. By the way soleil, you deserve a medal for some of the links you put up here!

  10. That is a class page! Cheers man!
  11. Er, no... :) :D
  12. could you be able to recognise a silhouette of an SSBN to an SSN...?
    and explain briefly the roles that can do etc..?
  13. Know how long the commission is you join on.

    Have an idea how many people are in the RN and what the size of the defence budget is.

    Know who the First Sea Lord, Second Sea Lord and Commander in Chief Fleet are.

    Make sure you mention the 'pastoral' responsibilities of an officer, thats ensuring their guys welfare, talking to them about problems etc. when asked about the role of an officer.

    This last one sounds obvious but it catches many out, forumulate an answer to the million dollar question: Why do you want to be an officer in the Royal Navy?
  14. No tips but good luck :)
  15. I appreciate all the help guys!
  16. All I have to add is to wish you the very best of luck.

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