interview nerves!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ship_rat, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. hi
    5 days to go before my intreview and medical, and i am starting to get worried... my main consern is, am i going to pass, have i done enough prep work , i have read the books givern to me and the leaflets , look at the web site.. my mates have been helping by giving me questions while i am at work eg .. why do you want to join? what training are you going to do if you are sucessful?, what does you your famliy think of you joining?
    i think i have covered most bases.
    any hints and tips or advise? even a good luck will do me.


    ps I am not normally this must be the uniform thing. :?
  2. Just remember the recruiter was once in your shoes, it is fairly relaxed so don't worry yourself too much.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Ship Rat,
    First good luck!
    Second it's good to be a little bit nervous, it shows you care about the job.
    Thirdly, just be yourself, it would be a mistake to put on an act and pretend to be what you think they want!
    Lastly Good Luck.
  4. I concur with all said. Remember the interviewer is looking at the whole plot. It's not just your answers but your bearing and body language. Be relaxed, but not horizontal, be attentive but not geeky. Try and come across as the good guy (or gal) you know you are !
    :p Best of British.
  5. And take your time, and have a think before you answer questions. That impresses them. It shows you are not impulsive... and it will make you feel more relaxed.

    When you look at them remember they have to go to the heads just like you do.

    Good luck
  6. hey mate, good luck with the interview. I did mine around may time last year and it wasn't as bad as i had thought. it is quite long, but they really only ask question to find out about you. About your family, social life. how you get on with people in work/school etc. They will ask questions about your choosen trade, where the training bases are and for how long will you be training for. Just remember to look smart, sit firmly on your sit, i.e don't fidget etc. make eye contact and take your time and you'll be grand.

    good luck with everything and let us know how it goes.
  7. hi
    thanx guys, most greatfull. only 2 days to go and I don't feel so bad or nervus now.
    from ship_rat
  8. Is it me or are all these newbie posters dyslexic
  9. hawkeye- dont be so harsh the guys nervous or didn't you read

    as above except the last comment.... It can be like that sometimes on here..

    good luck with the interview i'm sure you'll be fine. So advice:-

    think before you answer!
    mention if you have relatives in the forces.
    think about questions like, "what will you miss about home"
    "do you have a girlfriend"
    get knowledgable on the trade training process and the bases/ships you may go to.
    If you're not fit, say you've been following a programme and detail what running/swimming etc you've been doing and the improvements you've made along the way.

    I'm ex RN and my son has been in just over a year, and he followed the advise and had the same experiances in preperation as yourself and flew the interview.

    Good luck son!!! :D
  10. I told the recruiting officer I supported rotherham united. I got in. It worked for me, so try that.
  11. Gruff the point was a general one regarding the posts of newbie's.
    However since you mentioned it, I never knew that being nervous caused one to be crap at spelling and grammar.
  12. Good luck buddy. :wink:

    I'm just about to join RNR and have similar nerves, even though part of my normal job is to conduct assessments and interviews. Nerves are a good thing and will hopefully help you perform.

    When you are sat in front of them at interview a good way to calm down, if it's them that makes you feel nervous, it to imagine them in the heads having a dump ( don't go too graphic ! ) - just proves they're exactly the same as you and me. 8O

    Hope I haven't made any spelling or grammatical mistakes !
  13. Good luck, Ship_rat,

    Dont worry you will be fine, I take it you are only young ?
  14. I have always found ti helpful to imagine the interviewer, or perhaps the Admiral that one is briefing, either naked or on the loo!
  15. You are one sick pup, ha :lol:
  16. What? What? Do you never imagine people naked?
  17. God Rosie, this must be something to do with yer furry friends??? 8O 8O
  18. Yes but so far I have never fancied an admiral, nor some one who was interviewing me
  19. I'm going with the above answer!!!
  20. Thats the best offer today, taken.

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