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interview nerves!


hi! :D passed through the psychemetric tests! coundnt believe it! :D Im now awaiting my interview... 2 days to go... any tips on how i can conquer my interview? as ive never had an interview, as ive only just left school! thanks very much... :D

Just relax. Be yourself. Seriously - that's all you need to do. It's not a formal/scary interview - in fact mine was fairly relaxed. Chill and you'll do fine.
I agree with dunkers, its not that formal or scary. Just do them the courtesy of having given it a bit of thought (which you obviously are). Think about the points you want to get across and how you could work them into the questions that you are likely to get. For instance you are bound to be asked why you want to join. They will be looking for you to show a mature attitude towards working as part of a team etc etc. Read the info they will have given you particularly the responsibilites of whatever trade you want to join. Wear a shirt and tie and try not to be too nervous! Best of luck - let us know how you get on.
ive just done a formal interview type thing for an officer, hears some advice i can give

good firm handshake, dont be a limp dick
look them in the eye, i was nervous and he pciked me up on it
dont be afraid to blow your own trumpet, extrapolaste your life etc go into depth about things that might not seem important

hope i help in anyway

oh, and do some basic ship recognition, they will probably ask you to identify a ship on the wall

Wear a shirt and tie. Smart haircut and have a shave! Look smart and that's half the battle won. And you'll stand out, trust me on this.

Don't avoid eye contact with them but at the same time don't stare them out! Be respectful, ask questions-they're trying to recruit you so now's your time to ask lots of questions.

Try and get up to speed on current affairs. What's happening in the middle east at the moment etc. Where are the navy currently deployed? They won't expect you to have an in-depth knowledge, just enough to prove that you are not ignorant of world affairs.

Have a look at the RN Website. Try to absorb as much information as possible on what ships we currently have and the major acquistions that we should have before you retire! ;) ie, Type 45 Destroyer, New Aircraft Carriers, Astute Submarine. Try to learn what the main weapons are on each vessel-you won't be tested on this so you won't need an encyclopedic knowledge but a keeness to learn won't go amiss.

First Sea Lord, Second Sea Lord, CinCFleet-know who they are.

And good luck!
ohaire said:
look them in the eye, i was nervous and he pciked me up on it

I was at an AFCO interview once (before AIB) and was told I had good eye contact - basically I looked him in the eye when I was talking to him and when he was talking to me. Obviously don't overdo it but eye contact does show good communication abilities.
oh a very quick tip, get in about 10 minutes early and read navy news, its great for last minute updates on navy deploymeants, although they are monthly so they can be out of date by the day f your interview

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