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i have just passed the psychometric tests for the AET, its interview next -does anyone have any tips for this , not answers to questions but what type of things they will ask at this stage?

also i was told that the medical is extremely strict , i was told they dismissed one guy due to having a very slight lazy eye , are things like this common?

higthepig said:
Yes, a lazy eye is bad form, before you go to the interview, give both of your eyes a bollocking and tell them to straighten up.
FFS Hig, his first post and you've confused him!!! PMSL!! :thumright:


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Hi Smithy, as per your interview, make sure you know about the trade you are applying for. i.e what sort of training/where, what you are going to be doing e.t.c.
they will also ask about your schooling, family, interests, responsibilitys you may have, clubs you have joined e.t.c

hope this helps WN
try and learn about a few of the bases you could be station and about the joint task force because you could be asked about this too. read up on where you will be doing your trade training.

Also look at some of the types of aircraft used in the navy because you will have to know what your working on.

All in all be relaxed and try and treat it like you are talking to a mate, this way you get rid of nerves and have a bit of banter.

Everything you've been told so far is right.

The interview will cover home life, education, Work and spare time activities. We are looking for things which say you will settle during training ie family support, communal living experiences etc. We will also look to see if you have a good chance of dealing with the theory elements of training, certainly for AET a good grounding in Maths will help. On the physical side we look to see if you have a long-term fitness programme. Have you adapted this in preparation for joining Raleigh.

We will then move on to finding out what your knowledge of the selection process is, then do you understand what will happen at Raleigh and Sultan during your training. We will ask about the terms and conditions of service ie Pay, leave and contract. We would try to find out if you know anything about RN aircraft, the RN air stations and any knowledge of the theories of flight.

Try to relax, talk to the interviewer and try to remember that you know everything about yourself, so don't be afraid to sell yourself.

On the medical front, yes the GP will give you a "full service". They will be looking for potential future problems with you serving in the RN. I don't truly know if a lazy eye will be a problem, but the Dr will check your optician's report and then make a decision. I can't remember any of my candidates ever failing for a lazy eye in the last 6 years.

Hope all of that helps, try to relax and give it your best shot.


Neil - Supermario

thanks for that supermario, that looks like it covers everything will start to knuckle down and hopefully everything will work out fine

thanks gain

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