interview in the morning !!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mitchman1, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. got my selection interview in the morning this website has been a lot of help cheers just trying to think of some good questions to ask at interview ?? :?
  2. What sort of iron should I take to Raleigh, Chief? :D
    Good luck.
  3. With a straight face just look lost and ask him quietly where am i? how did i get here?
  4. Just focus on and talk to his left ear the entire interview. It'll be fine. Means you'll end up boats, that's all. :D
  5. Hope you smashed it fella! let us know :)
  6. How did it go ?
  7. I have it on good authority that he has loaded on to the next STC course (the only trade currently not affected by the delays).

    Good drills that man, and well worth asking the question.
  8. passed it now just the waiting game which he said will be a 3 YEAR WAIT !!!!! but overall i think the interview was pretty good just wished i could have named a few more of the ships from the pictures .
  9. Well done mate. Just use the time to get your self sorted.
  10. cheers m8 yeah i know what you mean but i could get sorted for 3 months not 3 years :)
  11. Alot of people are going through the same thing you are :) make use of your time, A-levels or work :)

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