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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by boyle_46, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys i have my interview tomorrow morning and was wondering if there are any extra things i should look over and revise for it , i have been reading the navy news paper looking at fleet focus and reading articles on what has been going on , i have also re searched on my chosen branch and what i will be getting up to , i have learnt that at hms realigh i will complete my 9 weeks basic training and then onto my careers training , im getting very stressed out with what i have to learn , ive been looking at things like how much i will get paid etc , have you any tips for me as im pretty nervous and worrying thanks for any help and tips Nathan .
  2. Another..
  3. I was asked about the terms of leaving, so worth knowing about this, current operations and an in depth look into basic and professional training came up in my interview.
  4. sorry if this has been asked alot of times on here i assume it has with the amount of new recruits , i just want to have an insight as to what im going to be asked , i dont want to be looking at the afco guys with a blank face , i know i will be signing up for a 18 year contract or untill the age of fourty , if i think the RN is not for me after 28 days i will be able to leave giving 14 days notice i will be able to do this during the first 6 months , i know i will be getting a pay rise after 26 weeks i also know the minimum service is 2 and a half years before i could put in a 12 month notice if i chose to making the time served 3 and a half years , i will look over job training and what i will do at hms raleigh , also any thing else i should revise as i have stated im very nervous about tomorrow thankyou Nathan .
  5. Looks like you have everything covered. Good luck

  6. There is nothing wrong in asking questions, as im sure like every one that does an interview get nerves, its just when people come on here asking questions and the answers are staring at them.
  7. thanks Daffy , yes im sure yous must think im a noob which i can understand but at the same time it doesnt really help when alot of people just slate you for asking something that might seem stupid but to the links of myself i need to learn im not a fan off the people who jump on the bandwagon off slating just because they go with the crowd , would i be right in thinking when the likes of alfa charlie came on this site he too asked questions which seemed daft , give me a chance man im not doing you any harm by trying to get on top of things i need to know for my interview , thanks anyone that has explained what i need to know any other tips out there ? many thanks Nathan .
  8. Good luck. Don't panic its not all that bad, I was bricking it, it was more of a chat if anything. One great tip I was given was make eye contact when talking. Good comeback on the slating point, its just a bit of banter, but some people on here prey on ripping people apart for spelling and asking quesions. Good luck anyway, let us all know how you get on.
  9. Good luck, don't worry about asking the questions - I've asked some questions which when you look back after seem a bit daft and obvious..but if you never'll never know..
  10. cheers guys feel more relaxed now thanks to all the people on the site including the ********* , ive found some usefull info and some great advice im for Hollywood in N Ireland in the morning so il let you know how i got on , also any links to where i would find info on pay etc thanks . and yes ive used the search all i can find is i will get a rise in salary after 26 weeks .
  11. I dont get that you have a interview tommorow morning, and you ask the question at 10:26pm the night before. Should of done this before.

    As a last minute check have alook here (part by ninja stoker) :

    Best of luck,
  12. im a numpty and forgot about my interview ive been flat out with my civvy job , just realised when a family member said good luck lol , ive been reading over the navy news paper for few days so ive a brief idea on current deployments etc , ive covered everything in ninja's list so im fairly confident now thanks to all whos helped . Nathan
  13. You're down In Palace Barracks? let me know how you found the interview there, would you? I'm doing mine there next week!

    Good luck!
  14. Not the questions mate, just find it difficult to read your post. 'Another', meaning another struggle with deciphering, that's all, don't get your nicks in a twist.

    Just for the record, didn't have this when I joined the mob. Good luck anyway.
  15. Mate, you could read that?

  16. I also think, maybe you should also take a pause of two marching paces before riding in to the rescue.
  17. Not at all mate. Which was what I was stating before the samaritans came knocking.
  18. minium serice is not 2 years mate its 4 then you can put your 12 months notice in
  19. I think Alfacharlie should stop gobbing off.

  20. I think you should wind your neck in. You'll fit right in with the STC branch you.

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