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Hello all,

Well I passed my interview and my medical on the 5th but just haven't got round to getting on the web to tell you all.

The Interview was conducted by a Royal Marine Warrant Officer and basically covered all the points that you would expect: Education, work history, hobbies, family etc etc and also the role you are applying for and the ships/boats/establishments you could be serving on. Make sure you research your chosen role well, the last thing you want is to be asked what you might be doing on a day to day basis and not being able to give an answer! I also memorised the different types of ships etc that are currently in service with the Royal Navy and although I wasn't asked about these, it doesn't mean you won't, so I'd suggest spending a bit of time learning the basics just incase.

I won't bore you with the whole interview, but basically as long as you tell the truth and stay calm, then you'll be fine. It's not a test but rather a chat to see if you have really thought about what you are doing, as afterall you will be commiting the next 18 years of your life to the Royal Navy.

The medical was your normal run of the mill full medical. I know a lot of people worry about this, but at the end of the day it's out of your hands so just go with the flow. You'll have the usual suspects checked: blood pressure, height, weight, hearing, eyes (not an eye sight check) and also things like your stance, your range of movement and yes lads, the drop and cough. At the end the doctor will put either fit or unfit on the envelope and you either go back to the careers office with a smile on your face or a frown.

During the end of my interview, the RM Warrant Officer briefly went through the current waiting times for some roles. Sorry if your chosen branch isn't listed, but these are the only ones that stuck in my head and in any case, you'll get the info for your chosen branch from the careers office anyway.

All Sub specialisations - 3 to 6 months

HM Specialist (my chosen role) - 12 months

Clearance Diver - 9 months

Medical Assistant - 16 months

Engineering branches - 12 to 24 months (Sorry I can't be more specific)

Chef and Steward - 3 months

Remember that these waiting times are from completion of all selection processes and NOT from initial enquiry. Your name won't be put down on the waiting list and your security clearance sent away for approval until you have passed your fitness test and any outstanding paperwork recieved.

I hope this has been of help to those that need it.

Gollum :thumright:

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