Interview for sg1 and info.

Hi there.

Just a quick enquiry to see if I could get some info in regards to the deck hand position sg1. I have passed my RT test at the afco and waiting to see if I am selected for an interview. Has anyone heard. I'm ex raf 7 years as a supplier but I understand they will look at ex rn first and foremost and I'm not confident I will be selected. Im praying I get in because it sounds a great job. If I am selected though where do the interviews take place and any advice on what to swat up on if I am selected.

Regards Steve.
Good luck in getting an interview Steve, to be honest I doubt it matters what service you were in, or if you were in any at all. You may even be at a disadvantage being ex RN as although the jobs may seem similar, adapting to the RFA from RN probably isn't as easy as it sounds.

Quite a few are waiting to see if they get selected for interview so fingers crossed all round but as your probably aware the interviews are in the autumn sometime and they will be held in Portsmouth. Other than that your guess is as good as mine.
Thanks for the advice. Yeah I'm really hoping I get an interview. If unsuccessful I will probably keep on applying anyway. I think there recruiting next year as well but at 32 I'm getting on.
I didn't get selected for an interview. Gutted. Apparently there is 10 positions available and they had 290 applicants. They have selected 90 for an interview. Ill apply again in the future. But I'm absolutely devastated, I really wanted to do this as career.
"Gary, there were a total of 207 applications for the Seaman Grade 2 position, all competing for 66 interview slots. All applications were assessed against essential and desirable criteria, one of which was motivation to join the RFA and work as a Seaman Grade 2. The review panel could not find any evidence of this and therefore, you were not selected for interview. Thank you for your request for feedback."

Above is the reply I received when I asked for feed back as to why I hadn't got an interview. Does anyone remember a part of the application where you could express your reasons or motivation for wanting to join, I can't.

Best of luck to those of you who did get one.
Yeah that's a strange one. Not sure how they can assess your motivation to join when not asked and come to a conclusion that you are not motivated enough to join.
A covering letter may have given you a chance to state your case and given the interviewers something to go on. if it wasn't required they could just have binned it. As RFA is a civvy job I just thought they may have wanted one, every time I've applied for a job since leaving they've required a covering letter.
I didn't make it to interview either, very disappointed. I wish I'd sent in a CV and cover letter along with the application form now. I'd really pushed hard these past few months with the fitness training, and was pretty damn determined about the whole affair. How long do we have to wait before resubmitting an application, six months? :(

I will persevere and try again next rotation, but I won't lie, I really wanted to do this :(
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