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I have my sift interview coming up where I have sought loads of help and advise from several people. After researching question on the Internet I found they always ask you if you have ever taken any drugs. Whilst at uni I did try marijuana but only a few puffs and only once. I have mentioned this to people and I have got mixed reactions back as to whether or not I should declare it. It happened years ago and I do not consider a puff or two overly significant. What could I say to support my case? Obviously I need to declare it but would that be me out of the running straight away?


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They won't ask if you've used it, they will ask if you are familiar with the forces policy on drug use.
Depends on the person giving the interview, I was asked "have you ever done cocaine, heroin, marijuana etc". They will definitely ask about the Navy's drugs policy.


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I don't think that counts really I'v had friends in the army who have done all sorts of drugs. I'v never done it but all I can say is that I think there more interested in if you are dependant on drugs like you do it every month or less but don't take my word on that. They asked me "are you aware of the navy drugs policy and what it is?" . Hope that helps.
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According to our service psychologists (QinetiQ) the majority of the UK population of under 25's are believed to have experimented with some form of drug,illegally.

The issue is attitude & frequency. If we barred anyone who experimented once in their distant past before joining, wardrooms & messdecks would be very lonely dwellings.
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