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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Viz_Rogers, Mar 12, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys, got my interview on Wednesday for ET (WE) just wondering if they will ask me about the different types of ships and bases etc. or will it just be about myself and the branch that i'm applying for ? Thanks. :)
  2. I was asked if I knew were there bases were !! so just prepare if you are unsure.
  3. Ahh ok cheers mate.
  4. I had mine just after Christmas and was asked about myself and family background, interests,hobbies, service knowledge(what you know, where you go etc) any part time jobs, education, any special achievement and why you want to join the navy and what you know about the role- they expect you to know everything. Good luck, I'm just going through the medical bit now aarrgghh
  5. Ahh ok that's good to know. Thanks. Good luck with that hope it all goes well for you
  6. Good luck to all of you. You are all applying for a job that will fundamentally impact on how you approach the rest of your lives (regardless on how long you serve). The RN is truly a meritorious service - you can go as far as your ability and dedication will allow (assuming you are clever enough to stay out of the sh*t while having a good time). Lots of people on this website will offer advice, some of it will be good, some of it will be shite, and some of it will be complete bollox - which is perfect preparation for life in a mess deck. My (un-requested) advice is to tackle each step as they come, and not start planning your progress to 1SL until your after your graduation from Raleigh, but then really start to aim for 1SL.
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  7. I passed my tests and interview first time no problems, I went for my medical 6 weeks ago and said I'm temp unfit for 4 weeks!! Iv heard nothing from anyone....if it's a patience test I think Iv passed, just don't no how much longer Iv got to wait
  8. Oh ayy.. I'd get in touch with them to re book a medical if I was you.
  9. My GP is currently waiting for payment so they can send capita my medical records, a request was made for payment on the 22nd Feb
  10. Ooh ok so it's just a waiting game then. It's a bit of a pain but it'll be worth it in the end
  11. Yeh, it's 6 weeks this week since my medical and heard nothing of this rate il be making the payment myself!! But not sure if I'm allowed to
  12. I had mine last week, we did family life and why etc and then some specifics (for me) on boats, bases general navy stuff. Also go prepared with general stuff ie who is in nato generally, just general though.

    You will be fine.
  13. 6 weeks?! I waited 7 months your patience is no where near put too the test yet haha! And that was just waiting for a Dr's note that should have only taken a few weeks

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  14. Do capita not do the medical? I have been told to await a text from them ? I presumed to go for the medical? Or is this just for your medical records?
  15. 7 months!!!!! Omg..... I just don't get why they the doctor I saw unfit for 4 weeks???? It's just so frustrating as the GP is waiting to send report

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