Intervening In Syria - What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. If you were involved in the decision-making on what to do about the situation in Syria (or not), what would you opt for? There is always the option of standing back or remaining involved simply via diplomatic channels. However, there could be the possibility of enforcing a no-fly zone or a more hands-on approach, whatever that might be in the circumstances.

    Knowing what you know about the current situation and believing what you believe, what would you say if you had some input into the current decision-making? Has your perspective been altered by the news about the use of chemical warfare?

    This question has been prompted by this week's Any Questions on Radio 4, which I was listening to while cooking lunch today. The first question from the audience was:

    "Do you think there is the appetite in the country for another military adventure in the Middle East?"

    You can listen to the beginning of the programme, if you wish:

    BBC Radio 4 - Any Questions?, Mark Miodownik, Iain Dale, Peter Kendall, Alison Wolf

    What would you do next?
  2. I'd be quite favorable to staying out of it. Despite the politicians and media being dead certain Assad has become the new 'Chemical Ali' something doesn't feel right. And that's an area of the Middle East I'd rather not have the country get mired in.

    Plus William Hague is getting tedious.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As with all conflicts, they end at the negotiating table. A UN mandate for ceasefire, enforced by a multi-nation peacekeeping force, including Russia & Middle East troops with a team of multi-nation observers, would surely be the starting point to re-establish the infrastructure, aid where needed and to start the parlez.

    Problem is, despite Hagues assertions, there are no organised 'good guys' in opposition, it's a multi faction rabble of freedom fighters, criminals & opportunists.
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  4. Plus with many Civil Wars, combatants often change sides regularly based on who happens to be winning in that region or offering the best rewards. Thus making pointing the finger accurately regarding Chemical Weapons usage a bit awkward.
  5. It,s the Arab world, it,s what they do periodically, maybe the spluttering fag end of Arab Spring, leave well alone, we,ed get no thanks for intervening on either side.

    Anyway, it was a French theatre of interest was,nt it?
  6. Indeed. What is Syria and to an extent some of the surrounding nations was tastefully carved up by us and the French.
  7. Leave well alone, let the very, very, very rich countries in that region sort it out. After all they are all muslims.
  8. Would be inclined to keep well out of it.Let the arab league come up with some plan, and back them in that.
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  9. The best plan is to keep well out of Syria. Standing on the sidelines making disapproving noises should be the extent of the UK involvement.
    After Iraq and Afghanistan I don't believe the British public want to get involved in another war we cannot win.
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  10. Personnally I would do sweet FA
    Leave it to the oil rich Arab countries to sort it out, we infidels have interfered in the Muslim world too often and every time we do we get our fingers burnt
  11. Current affairs. Not your forte is it?
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  12. I remember when the Fearless was DTS ( Dartmouth training ship). In those days we had mids from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morroco, Iran, Tunisia and Syria. A Syrian mid went mad one night on the bridge and had to be subdued by the OOW and the duty steward!! So we should stay well away, they're all barking.
  13. Stay out of it. It's Kak all to do with us.
  14. Posted about this before, but as much as I'd like us to stay out of it there's only so many pictures of hundreds of dead children I can stomach. As much of a bad idea and another mire to get stuck in as it is, I wouldn't be averse to going in. Maybe ten years down the line when we've achieved nothing I would change my mind but right now, it riles me to stand by and watch that happen.
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  15. Monty
    Look at the history of the Wests interference in Arabic & Muslim countries. We have lost many lives, it has cost millions of pounds and we have never achieved a result.
  16. In well aware of that and know the outcome would more than likely be chad. Still grips my faeces to see kids being slaughtered.
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  17. There was a bloke down the Barbican today being an absolute cock. Stay well away from the Barbican, they're all barking.
  18. What would I do, nothing! Let the Arabs sort out their own problems, as stated by others enough British lives have bee lost in recent involvements in what is IMO Muslim problems. As for the alleged use of chemical weapons not for one minute would I put the use of them by extremists as implausible, it's common knowledge that the Assad opposition has been infiltrated by fanatics.

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  19. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    There is this Institution that costs countless $million to run each year. It was originally set up to keep this sort of terror from the streets of the world. Though good works are being done by them they have rarely, in my humble opinion, done what their Title suggests. Korea being the exception of course. THE UNITED NATIONS. They have the talking shop, now let them find their teeth and get troops into Syria. Those Arab neighbours, who are now sheltering thousands of refugees, get together and show the World that you CAN Police yourselves. You are all Member States of the UN, if they give you their wholehearted support I'm sure you can solve the crisis yourselves.
    Where did I put my Pills?
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  20. The UN should put pressure on the Arab League to sort out the problem in their own back yard by allowing "Western" powers to provide them with the arms to do so.

    I know that sounds a bit simplistic but it might be a basis for the start of an idea...

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