Interpol states that Joseph Goebbels is alive and well...


Lantern Swinger

Apparently Dr Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for Hitler’s Third Reich, has been found alive & well. He is reportedly playing for quite a famous football team somewhere in the north of England, under the obscure pseudonym of a Mr 'Rio Ferdinand'.

The net tightens, gentlemen.

I remain, &tc.

fucking hell your right Notify the Sun A.S.A.P.And get that beast caged.
And there could lots drinks in it for you if you play your cards right.
Damned clever tinting job but it did not slip by you.


Lantern Swinger
Some years back I met a lady who had served in Berlin in 1945 as an ATS officer. Apparently she was daydreaming in her office when a voice siad "I am Major Goebbles" He was in Brtish Army uniform and served in the Int service. Apparently he was his infamous uncle's double! I wonder what happened to him?

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