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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. With Formula 1 just about to hit our screens again, I'm trying to find a site where I can access TV channels other than UK as ITV dont show the practice, only qualifying & race.

    I cant find anywhere obvious online - anyone with any knowledge can help please?

    Also I'm considering trying who claim:
    No additional hardware required, No monthly fee or any recurring fees, Instant download, Over 2500 channels of TV and radio from over
    78 countries, Unlimited FREE updates.

    Before I download, does anyone know if this is anygood or sh!te please?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. I've tried that mate, but found it no good, even with a top PC and 10 meg broadband.
    Can't help any more cos I gave up when that didn't work.
  3. Cheers Lamri - guess I wont be wasting my time there then !
  4. Depending where you are in the world will list what they offer, eg the US has Setanta Broadband (online) and Setanta sports is available on DirecTV (satellite), globecast (satellite) and itvn (IPTV). Watchonlinetv, quality depends on your connection speed and latency (how far you are physically located from their server).

    If you're in the UK I think ITV owns the majority of the rights at the moment so Setanta's content wont be available there (they show practice and qualifying for most of the big races, esp on SPEED), in the US its split between the SPEED channel and the terrestrial networks show a couple of the races like Canada and USGP, BritishGP and maybe Monaco.

    IPTV is coming, and as Asia will no doubt create huge demand for it, F1 should be one of the things you will get first.

    Hope that wasnt entirely useless....... :oops:

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