Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Backpacker1uk, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Ok where do I find a ISP who employs real English speaking types so when I goes off line I can actually tell them the prob instead of phoning eight fecking times and getting no place. Like talking to a frog squad type I no understand that gurgling noise sorry.

    Finally we are stll waiting for a new modem a week after being told it is on the way. From fecking Delhi I suppose.

    On a borrowed machine at the momento.
  2. Try talktalk from carphone warehouse.
    They're getting a bit of a bad press at the moment but I find them as good as any and extremely cheap
  3. I have no problems with Tiscali, in fact they are very good. My previous ISP was BT, had a whole lot of problems with them, ie talking to India when a problem arose, in fact my present ISP is £6 a month cheaper than BT, for a better package.
  4. Am with AOL --its a bit overpowering at times but basically its a good service------24/7 online and good problem pages :lol: :lol:

    However---------------- I have a laptop thats on Freeserve /Orange with a dial up connection . It helps when you can get online if you are having problems .

    Classic was when my firewall stopped me from getting online ----went to AOL with the laptop and the problem was noted on AOL's home page-with the remedy -------------thats computer egg heads for you--!!!
    Aol had changed the format so Norton blocked them .
  5. You can do a self test on most modems [broadband] if its a BT line anyway . Click on the Modem Icon and go into the programmes
  6. Aol has just been bought by Talktalk
    you may as well transfer to talktalk and enjoy some financial savings
  7. I'm with Mac and have been with them for 2 years. Few hitches - those which I've had have been with BT's broadband service!
  8. You really don't know how lucky you are in UK with Broadband connection. I guess some poor souls in the highlands are not connected. You get 2/4/6/8 mbs etc for about £20 per month little if any connection charge.

    The downside of Spain, few landlines outside of established i.e. old towns. new builds can wait up to 10 years for phone connections so my 565kb or what ever it is comes via microwave. Installation £300 one off cost, £30 per month and we lose it at least once a day for an hour or two. If some prat on our slave transmitter tries to down load lots of music or a movies then its slower than a phone up connection until he/she gives up.

    It either that or nothing and go to an internet caff. So just thank BT for there excellent service. I would take it happily.

  9. Hey guys, well i work for Sky Broadband Customer services. We are very cheap i have to admit, ranging from free for 2mb and up to £10per month for up to 16mb. the only problem being, it can be a very long wait to get it as theres a massive backlog as everyone in the country seems to be trying to get it at the same time. We do also have Call centres in India, with some tech support there, and i get a lot of compliants from customers finding that they aren't very helpfull and can't understand what they are saying, but we do have most departments in the UK, with tech etc in scotland, line activation in Portsmouth, and some customer services in Belfast and Scotland. it works quite well, if its in your area. just be prepared to wait up to two months to get it, lol
  10. I had sky telephone and dial up internet before broadband became common place. They are great at taking orders for new services, used to get through almost instantly, any problems and you could be left waiting for the phone to be answered for over 30 minutes. Also great offers for new customers but treated existing customers like rubbish. I dumped them.
  11. I have been with NTL for the last three years and find them very good, There are a couple of added features, ie Broadband Medic with immediate access for any problems plus Netguard which is there own anti virus program.
    I note now that they are going further afield and trading as NTL Telewest, last year they were offering new customers a half price Broadband connection for 12 months.
    I contacted them and even though I was an existing customer was given this half price deal for 12 months.

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