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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by WhiteRose, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Which one's the best in the UK? I need wireless (running four machines at home), with half decent download capacity each month, let's not go too mad though as I'm not at home often enough to go for the mega capacity connections.

    I've had enough with being ripped off with a carp service from BT.

    I already have Sky TV and an O2 phone, are their broadband connections any good?

    Ta in advance.
  2. Sky and O2's broadband internet require a BT line so if your having trouble with BT internet, you might keep having problems with Sky/O2.

    You could always look at cable broadband.

    Can't really give you which one is the best because whats great in one area might be absolute crap in another.

    Wireless is easy to go, just get a cheap (30 ish quid) wireless router and your sorted. Nowadays they are all easy enough to set up and secure for your 4 machines
  3. Wireless and broadband are different beasts. All you need to do is stick a wireless router onto any broadband service, so you don't need to go with someone who offers to sell you wireless. that said some suppliers won't let you use an alternative router with their service, I think sky is one of those.

    fwiw I've been pretty impressed with Sky broadband, but less impressed by the quality of the router that they provided. It's coverage isn't great and maintenance of credentials seems a bit iffy.

    The vast majority of providers are dependent on BT infrastructure, but the BT broadband service gets a poor reputation. Other than that it largely depends how much you want to spend, and taking recommendations from here isn't going to be all that reliabble, service quality can vary depending on where you are and how much demand there is on the local switch.

    Personally I would avoid O2, they're just reselling BT.
  4. I had difficulties with BT Broadband because I'm some distance from the actual exchange and this affected the service. It could be incredibly slow.

    Virgin cabled up the area last year and I have Virgin Broadband by cable which works fine (although I think its technical advice line charges by the minute, which is not good).
  5. Ex yank bootie mate of mine his wife changed from Virgin to Sky by a fast talking salesman at the door. Totall nightmare!! I reckon it goes on who is in your area and the strength of signal back in the homeland I reckon Tiscali was about the best with a router system. Cousins partner who is a techi hot shot also stated the same.
  6. Everyone seems to have different ideas. I had a nightmare with BT. At one point being without broadband for 2 weeks, and when my connection reappeared, they didn't even bother to give me an explanation. Since I changed over to Sky I haven't looked back. The router appears fine, giving me enough oomph to tun my PC, wife's laptop and daughters PC all at same time.
  7. Thanks all. My preference may well be Sky - after having a good old fashioned rant at BT first. One for the summer leave to-do list.
  8. I use Demon. Not the cheapest but, automatic tech helpline for up to X4 PC's etc. Never any probs.
  9. Take a look at Think Broadband, used to be known as ADSL Guide and provides a lot of comparison information.
  10. I'm with O2, which is a subsidiary of 'Be'. I pretty much always get a good service from them and I'm on their standard package which costs me £12 per month.

    I've just done a speed test with the result shown below.


    This is a good site for finding out where your nearest exchange is and what ISPs use it. Sam Knows
  11. I have just binned BT for Sky, BT for me was shocking, we had problems with the wi-fi, i live in a studio so its all opened up and my laptop could not find a signal but it could pick up other peoples network. So far sky has been pretty good, no major problems. If i lived in the right area i would go go with virgin, but thats just me.
  12. I've been with almost all major providers over the last 10 years. To my mind the best now is Plusnet. No problem with this company whatsoever. They used to be independent, but a couple of years ago they were taken over by BT. Luckily BT left their structure and policies intanct and they carry on with providing good service. This it the fourth year that I'm with them and I wish I'd joined them earlier.
  13. I have the pleasure of a 20mb broadband line from Virgin Media, extortionately fast (I can download at 2mbs ;) ) but costs £37, unlimited bandwith however.

    Most will quote you high speeds for a low price but in the small print is (bandwith allowance), which basically caps your speed to a stupidly low amount and than your internet is slow as hell... for the rest of month until the next when it resets itself. :)
  14. O2 piggyback off of Be.

    I'm usually wary of 'own brand' services but moved house and went over to O2 because I could get a good deal as an O2 phone service customer - and its brilliant. I get 7 meg out of my 8 meg connection. My previous connection was supposed to be 24 meg from Be and I only got 7 meg out of that!

    I'd recommend O2 - very reliable (more reliable than Be even, in my experience, even though they're supposed to be piggybacking off them - probably something to do with the different exchange), very fast, very cheap, and you don't need to fix yourself to a yearly contract. Installation is free and other charges are very reasonable.

    When I was with Be they made me use a supplied router because it was already pre-programmed with wireless encryption, and O2 supply a router free of charge too but I haven't yet looked into whether its encrypted or if you can use your own.
  15. Guys this isn't going to be common knowledge, but when you look at the internet speed its quoting you in "megabits", in plain english it's 10 megabits to get a megabyte, I pay for 20 megabits and I download at 2 megabytes a second, meaning I can download on average an mp3 in 2 seconds, if you think your getting 8mbs? Really your getting 8 megabits so in theory you should be downloading at 800kbs a second, add 200 more kbs to that and you have 1 megabyte per second download speed.

    Hope that helps understanding internet speeds :D

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