Internet on ship's?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by eddy, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi, im new so hi everyone. nice forum by the way.

    Bit of a wierd question and i didn't know where to post it but like the subject says im just wondering do you get internet on the ship's because on the navy website it says when you have time off alot of the sailors have laptops which they can use but doesn't say if there is any internet.


  2. OK Eddy love,

    go to Newbies forum and post something literate and interesting about yourself??

    No doubt your question will soon be answered??
  3. Preferably without the greengrocers' apostrophe!!

  4. do you get internet on the ship


    Whether you can get access to it or not is a different matter.

    Everyone can get email, not everyone can browse the web.
  5. Do you get internet onboard a ship?

    Yes, in a way.
    Heavily "Big Bruvvered" Internet, only available to those computers on "NavyStar" therefore don't expect to take a laptop/PC onboard and surf away :)
    Email, pretty much the same set up.
    No .exe files via email, keep the email size low, and sometimes pictures take an eon to download.
    Oh, and you'll be quite lucky to get anywhere near a navystar terminal day OR night because of the amount of work that has been produced in the "paperless" RN of today :)
  6. Hi Eddy, Mrs OHIAM here. OH is matelot (hence sign on) and I work for the HQ and email is hit and miss....or hit and p*ss to be honest...both ways. We are all on different networks and depends on comms, bobbing about on the blue and crap IT 'experts' doesn't help. I often have to download/email or save to floppy info for OH to use onboard as they are sent info on disks etc.

    Get yourself a bloody good carrier pigeon as back up!

    'Big Bro' is always watching and I have been stung twice by the 'Fun Police' for basic humour. Doesn't stop my efforts! Come the day of the Revolution! :) Just keep trying and act dumb, as long as it isn't something MOD should be concerned with.
  7. My son is away down South at the moment and he sends me a few pics thru the internet and it seems Ok to me and him, but I know he cant browse and sites onboard,just purely messaging Im afraid.
    A few of the lads took there laptops down there but it wont be of any use to them unless they want to play there games on it or listen to music whilst onboard
  8. ok cheers for the reply's, It's got me thinking what do you or collegues do when ur out at sea and you've finished your shift to keep you entertained, doesn't it get really boring?
  9. OK all of Pints best intentions out the window.
    Did I not tell you eddy to post on Newbies and tell us something of yourself??
  10. Entertained??? :lol:
    Its not a f**king cruise ship
  11. I just got this vision of people, everywhere, in the 70s sitting staring at paint drying with a think bubble along the lines of I'm looking forward to when someone invents the internet, so I'll have something to do

    There is more to life.
  12. I'm either going to love you or hate you combrey!! :p
  13. I dont mind either way just as long as you get my name correct :wink:
  14. Ships are supposed to have Administrators on board to support the systems. Their is shore based IT support for the more complex / time consuming issues but its not always easy to contact ships and you can forget about boats, they log a support call and then bog off for a cruise......

    There are rules and limits impossed due to the size/costs of link from shore to ship and so you will be limited on what you can send via email or what you can look at on the internet - if you have access.
  15. I'm with the Pinta Man, somebody's fishing!
  16. Believe it or matey people actually talk to each other when you have finished your shift(Or Watch as we call it)you play cards,have a few beers,watch a film or numerous other things you normally associate with humans interacting with each other.
  17. or numerous other things you normally associate with humans interacting with each other.

    Does this include sex in the modern Navy?
  18. Allegedly
  19. Internet on board??

    By god YES and on a CVS lots of lovely bandwidth to play with. E bay (out of working hours) Rum Ration any time of day. Book holidays, flights home, check out news and sports results.

    Hey tiddley tee, a matelot life for me!!
    Writing this from on board at sea - somewhere.
    Long live the WE's and all that lovely technology that they bring with them!!
  20. If you still get babies heads please email me one. Its one of the things that I miss most after leaving the RN.

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