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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ExPongo, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey all,

    New to here, and about to ask a stupid question so I await incoming....

    I'm ex-army, and I'm thinking of Joining the Sub service...

    My question is: Do you have internet access while on board a sub?

    The reason I ask.. I have lots of money related things to manage online, and I fear that if I were away for a long period of time, I would have problems with this...

    I await incoming.....

  2. Absolutely. Ones portfolio management is top priority. In fact a direct link is maintained with the worlds major stock exchanges so you need never miss the market trends no matter where you are.
  3. Think you find you can get broadband quality within about 12 miles of the UK, further than, sorry its dial up 56.6k through the phone line connected to the the mainland.
  4. You could always ask the CO if he will come to the surface so that you can manage your direct debits. I'm sure if you say please he won't mind, either that or ask one of the comms department to rig a 600 foot antenna to the outside of the boat.

    Failing that, ask if one of those USB dongles will give coverage.

  5. As the RS on the last running S boat I will give you a sensible answer. Alongside you get a broadband connection running at upto 10MB

    At sea at PD and on the roof, EMCON permitting we get a connection up 70kb. Whilst not the quickest it allows for transfer of e-mail and painfully slow surfing of the internet. It is done via a satellite mast.

    Meant to add, the main reason we have it at sea is to allow for self administration on JPA. There is no other way of receiving the Draft orders!!

    I am not taking the piss. We utilised it last year for our ROW deployment and it kept us sane.
  6. I think the best bet is to pop into the Internet Cafe that all modern boats have. Think it can be found in the room next door to the sauna, just behind the tanning salon.
    :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  7. Wahhhhhh.

    Cheers lads! :D
  8. Internet on a boat! We had to put up with semaphore and a long ladder.

    Dont know their born these days.
  9. Ex Pongo,

    Timing is everything as you know, so if there is a broadyband connection thingy available for use, you must barge into the control room on returning to PD and insist on using it. Choose a time when the CO wants to read the broadcast in a busy shipping lane at night in roughers. Use a torch to see where you are going, one of those halogen you can f*ck up the dark adapted vision of the OOW on Search.
    On second thoughts no, don't use the torch. Harry Joe Skipps will take the boat deep and you'll miss your connection. Not that you'll notice because by then you and the periscope rams will be in close company down in the mast well.

    How do they manage for security with this internet stuff on tap....ahhhh!
    The RS sits there with his parental guidance head on.......obvious really!
  10. ....and an ashtray for your motorbike???
  11. Gentlemen, I believe the ex-Pongo has successfully 'waahhh'd the lot of you. If unsure of the meaning of this I suggest you ask a member of the British Army. Perhaps one of you should go on ARSSE and ask how warm the showers are in Challenger tanks!!
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    As its Army I can move it to the Gash Barge then if thats OK?

  13. Absolutely... :thumright:
  14. You mean the question was a bite.......well I didn't see that coming....'whoosh' indeed.

    C'mon Upallroundlook...give us the credit of having a bit more credulity than that...jeez!
  15. It'll probably come along about the same time as using mobiles on an aircraft - the final frontiers of peace eroded!
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    Bye Bye Little Brownie

  17. If you read my original reply you can get it already FFS
  18. If it was a WAH!, then it was not a very intelligent or well researched (and therefore, successful) one. The answer given by Bawsack was completely correct; we already have internet access at sea, dived. Next credulous question please, Percy.

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