Internet Bullying & Ripping the Piss on RR


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It has become apparant, judging by a few posts on here, that bullying and ripping the piss on RR is rife. Obviously this is not on and must be nipped in the bud. Now the Moderators should be bang on this but as they, like PTI's, spend most of their time looking in the mirror wanking, it is up to the rest of us to keep an eye out for general wrongness. Being PC is the way forward in our present society.

The following will not be tolerated:

1. Jokes about darkies
2. Jokes about natural disasters involving darkies and nips
3. Swearing at fuckwitted posters
4. Grooming females (if seen report to me personally)
5. Questions on what to take to Raleigh
6. Threads informing other people you are leaving the site
7. Jokes about bumders
8. Jokes mocking peoples religious beliefs and lifestyles. Especially those who believe in all that voodoo type mumbo jumbo, Druids, hippies, inbreds, pikies and ******* students.
9. Normong Grunthum

Once this is sorted, this site can return to some sort of normality. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to go **** yourselves, you bunch of boy cow cock milkers.


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Bollocks. Busted.

I can see the resemblance:



War Hero
Cherie. Begone you litigous horsefaced munter.
As for the other Perce on here, Ageing_Gracefully is being checked for his Labour Party RR infiltrator status as I post.
Your comrade JJ has already been pinged as Anthony Wedgwood Benn!
This will explain to other members his disappearance. When he was informed that his posturing as a depraved sexual deviant in an attempt to gain favour and eventually destroy the fighting spirit of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with his peacenik ways, had been exposed to the management by the RR CounterInfiltration Operator Finknottle via indiscrete PM activity, he decided to use the RR Cyber Mess Webley.
This attempt to end the time honoured Naval tradition (Circa 2004) of cyber bullying will be fought tooth and nail by the vanguard of (K)nobends who've caused the suicide of millions of potential naval ratings with their merciless teasing, abuse and general grooming in numerous what suitcase, what iron, haircuts, asthma and showering in plain view of others threads.
Be warned Lefty scum!

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