International submarine race takes place in UK

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Place your bets, please!

    <<Europe's largest freshwater tank, QinetiQ's Ocean Basin in Gosport, is the venue for this year's International Submarine Races event.

    It is the first time the competition - which pits human-powered submarines against each other - has taken place outside the US...>>

    BBC News - International submarine race takes place in UK
  2. good job her initials are not L.P. that would have would have increased the snigger factor
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    And the winners are - Canucks!

    <<...École de Technologie Supérieure team's submarine Omer 8 travelled at 3.6 metres per second (7.03kts) over a 13m section of the course...The UK, represented by Bath University (LP/BJ ?), came in third..>>

    BBC News - Human-powered submarine world speed record set

    Full details of this event are here European International Submarine Races (But it seems that they have not got around publishing the Results yet :roll:)
  4. Now, I could be accused of being a tad sceptical here. QinetiQ, a crap name for DERA, organise/sponsor a submarine race. Lots of Universities and things enter.

    Result, lots of free R&D for DERA, sorry, QinetiQ........... is it just me?
  5. They had to change their name from DERA, as every one thought it reflected the price they charged?

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