International Coalition for British Reparations

Not sure if this has been done, but during my bordem i found this interesting site online. apparently it is very serious. The evil British empire is the cause of all of the worlds problems. After all, whose imperialistic shenanigans is Osama bin Laden really trying to avenge? Whose landgrabbing ways put the Palestinians and Israelis at each others throats? Who invented machine guns, wage slavery and concentration camps? They claim we are not the only bad nation of earth. they state that the old soviet union killed millions, but they used machine guns and concentration camps which we appearently invented so its really our fault again.

You can ofcourse sign their petition stating;

"The Petition
We, the undersigned citizens of the world, demand reparations payments of £31,960,000,000,000 from the British Monarchy and government of the United Kingdom. This money will compensate us for the profound injuries we have suffered over the last 500 years from British brutality, negligence, malevolence, crimes against humanity, and other heinous and atrocious forms of misrule. It is far from enough to make us whole, but a necessary first step in the long process of British coming to terms with its historical guilty and reconciling itself with global opinion and international law."

and the site

Its quite an interesting read, all by a man named steven A Grasse, who also wrote a book "The evil empire: 101 ways England ruined the world!"

I personally find it extremely funny and rediculous, but anyway, hopefully you will to.
My immediate reaction is to find Steven A Grasse, kick the living crap out of him and then remind him of all the GOOD this country has given to the planet, and ask him seriously "Are we still the BAD guys ?". If I find a bookshop selling it, I'll make sure they know of my displeasure. Sick of apologising for our past, you can;t rewrite history.
How can we judge the past with the morals of today? What the Empire did to those counteirs it ruled was wrong and we know that now but 100 years ago it was seen as introducing those countries to God and an educated future. Yes i agree to helping those that are still suffering from the effects of Empire but the people living in this country now were not alive when these crimes were comited we should help because those suffering are people humans just like us. If we continue to go through life making ourselves out to be the killers of culture then the countries that suffered will continue to blame us for all their problems instead of taking action and finally soritng their own problems out with our help. We need to learn from the mistakes we made all those years ago and give aid but refrain from sticking our noses into other peoples business and attempting to come up with a quick solution that never works and makes us out to be a western country forcing our way of life onto others.
what a waste of time, why give it any exposure.

of far more importance is the following:

From their MANIFESTO:

Isle of?
It is proposed that the Isle of Man be renamed to "The Isle of Men, Women, Children and some Animals" as not just men live there.

No fly Zone
It is proposed to declare the Channel Tunnel a No Fly Zone.
i fink thas a dead gud idea me cuz i saw this tom cruz film & it had hellycoppers in tha chunnel and it luked rite danjerus like and it shud be a no-fly zon i rekon.
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