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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gruff, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Here we go, this ones close to my heart so I'd appreciate the feedback.

    My bosses want to become the "Most Highly Regarded Service Company bar none".

    we have:-
    3 U.K. Call centres
    1 Indian Call Centre
    1 Malaysia Call Centre

    We are a communications company that is owned by the Germans.

    Our quality control for this task is run by a German outsourced market research company that also employees imigrants to call YOU the great British public and ask, "what did you think of the service you recieved today"?

    All this done in broken English, with an Arabic slant on a German accent?????

    who would you rather talk too is the question?

    comments please? cos I'm effin baffled!!
  2. If I get a call from Heinrich Gupta in Kuala Lumpur YOU my friend will be the first to know :D:D:D

    British every time for me i'm afraid.
  3. Theres nothing worse than getting siemen(s) on the phone.
  4. Yes there is, in the back of your throat.

  5. How d'you know Nutty - personal experience you wish to share?
  6. Gruff
    I totally swerve any calls I get from call centres with foreign operators they are as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.
    To that extent after a recent round of un solicited calls I have registered on the TPS
    I now do not get any of these usless calls or double glazing salesmen etc and it keeps me happy.
  7. When I get an unsolicited call I answer it and then leave the phone on the table,make a cup of tea,have a shower etc.It costs them money not me,they soon get the message
  8. AOL's call centre used to be in the south of Ireland. I could listen to them girls talk all day!!
    geoff(ers) :?
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Personally I do not like call centres and will by and large try and avoid using them (the noto0870 website can be quite useful here).

    My most recent experience of a call centre was only yesterday when I was trying to contact my "local" HSBC branch (it was local when I was in the UK, and they retain my UK bank accounts). The call centre operator insisted that I couldn't be put through and that I had to raise my query with them, I declined - they asked for my account number and sort code so they could route my query, again I declined - when they said that they "needed" this information, I pointed out that for my security only I and my branch had a need to know. They eventually caved in and asked me a contact name within the branch and I was able to speak to a real person in the UK at the branch where my account is held!
  10. HSBC call centres are in India. In an attempt to 'connect' with British clientele, each Indian operator has a display on their computer describing the weather in the part of the country they all dealing with.

    A manager at my Dad's branch was called by one of these operators.
    "Hello! It is a fine, sunny day in Birmingham!"
    "No it's not, it's pissing it down cats and dogs."

    Thinking he'd impress every other customer, the Indian man changes the weather report on his computer. Consequently, he greeted every cutomer with, "Hello! It's pissing it down cats and dogs!".

    In answer to your question, i would like to speak to a British person.
  11. I've found that alot of Americans/English and such who have English as a first language get pretty annoyed when speaking to a foreigner. Call centres are not an easy place to work in, I know this yet others think it's a piece of pish!
  12. I don't think anyone presumes it's easy, but it is difficult to see how someone in a country thousands of miles away can possibly understand your problem. "What would they know?" They've never used the service they are working for.

    I'm all for providing opportunities in other countries, but if i ring a call centre, i'm already pissed off. And not being able to understand the operator makes me think less of the company because it takes longer to get an answer to my question.
  13. Its the first thing I now ask when I sign up for insurance etc etc...foreign call centres yes or no...!!

    So far this year Ive ditched More Than (Car)....Barclays(account...3(for mobly)...and Im currently shopping around for home insurance!!

    They just drive me crackers....they dont listen and when they do they cant understand what your getting at..and even if they do I dont think anyone of them has actually done what I ve asked without at least 3 calls!
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    My reservation with call centres is not the nationality of the operator but the fact they they exist - (the call centre, that is, not the operator!). Call centres were introduced by companies to cut the labour costs of customer service and were sold to the customer as a service improvement; they clearly aren't in many people's experience. Ten years ago, I could ring the local branch of my bank and speak to a member of staff - over time, you could develop a working relationship with that person; today calls are handled by people working thousands of miles away in call centres who I am unlikely to ever meet or speak to again; the only record of my business that they have is on the screen in front of them - with industry's track record of computer foul-ups, hang-on, this is Lil's isn't it... with our record of total fuck-ups in managing data accurately and reliably I have little confidence in a call centre to handle my business in the same way that someone in my local branch would. Insurance companies are equally bad - a few years ago I had cause to claim from NU Direct - the claim was logged by a UK call centre (non-NU) transferred to India for "management" with the engineers/assessors being absed in Sheffield - while my vehicle was repaired, the assessors turned up at the workshop one day late, the claim managament system lost my records somewhere between the UK and India and the repairer was eventually paid 4 months later despite getting approval to proceed from NU. Tell me again how call centres improve customer service, I keep forgetting!
  15. I love it when they call me, Double Glazing, Kitchens, bring `em on, being a sad old git I have the time to enjoy them, unfortunately they hang up after about twenty minutes when i inform them of my County Court Judgements and pending Bankruptcy Hearing, if only they would bear with me.
  16. I'd never work in a call centre that practised cold calling, I've only worked in a customer service dept that supplies just that for the customers. I don't agree with cold calling!
  17. Thanks all, very constructive? Maybe!

    Something the number crunchers already know? Definatley!

    If the bottom line is in the black, are they going to change? Don't hold you effin breath guys n girls.

    Bring back people you can shout at face to face is my opinion, they are more likely to solve your concern otherwise you'll get em on the way home after waiting outside til they close.

    Cheers all
  18. So this woman calls from BT to sell me something.

    Asks me how much I spend at Christmas taken unawares I tell her not a lot buy my cards from the horse sanctuary in Liecestershire. Tell her about the place looking after sick and old horses donkeys etc.

    Then she tells me she has an old horse she is looking for a home for it.

    Do I have the address. Tells her I will have to go find it. So off I trot ten minutes later I return with address and she jots down address. Then we chat about horses and then say goodbye.

    Thank's BT for finding a home for old horse!!

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