Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. I only found out this morning that house prices are figured in to GDP.
    Which may be another little clue as to how uncontrolled immigration- creating/increasing housing demand and so pushing up prices- was allowed to happen. Letting the world and his brother in actually made it look like we had a flourishing economy.
  2. I knew it was the ethnics' fault - everything else is. Strange how Peston has omitted this factor / conclusion when outlining the issue. Full of lefties the BBC; I've heard some of their employees don't have blonde hair and blue eyes.
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  3. And there we have it.
    As soon as you mention the "I" word you`re a racist.
  4. I know you're right, that's why Peston didn't mention it. He would agree with you but has been bullied into avoiding using the "I" word (Shhhhh) because 'the thought police would have him. Thank God (our God not theirs) for the Daily Mail.
  5. Thank you, apology accepted.
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  6. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Was it Mr Micawber who said.....'income 20 shillings, outgoings 19/6d result happiness...income 20 shillings, outgoings 20/6d result misery'. ?
    Makes a lot of sense to me.
  7. Forum gold - well done!
  8. BBC News - UK borrowing costs fall below Germany's

    The bond market moves suggest that some investors consider the UK safer than Germany, the largest economy in Europe.

    And the UK's low cost to borrow comes as some indebted eurozone countries - such as Italy and Spain - are paying more than 6% to borrow at auction.

    edited to add...

    A survey of professional households by insurance firm Hiscox suggested an annual income of £93,000 in the UK was hard to manage on.
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  9. I know, it's bloody difficult - I have even had to resort to putting half finished bottles of bolly in the fridge for the next day, rather than leaving them for the staff, and feeding the cat on tinned salmon instead than the real stuff - tinned I say!!!
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