Interesting website "Diesel Weasel"

Ah, Hands to bathe.That reminds me.

We surfaced in the middle of the Med,an' the Owner pipes 'an's to bave.Cor or what!

We're all doin' bombs off the starboard forplane when someone says " 'ere, ent there Great Whites in the Med"?

So,there we all were, jus' standin' aroun' nonchellen' like on the casin', when this little sparra kinda plopped


right in the middle of us.

An' there we wus tryin' not to stand on the poor little bleeder.

Anyway,after about 'alf an hour,'e got 'is breff back,an' carried on wiv 'is migration,orf to darkest Africa.

I've wondered from time to time 'ow the little lad got on!
Polto said:
WreckerL said:
Polto said:
soleil said:
Whilst researching something this morning, I came across this website - nice pics, dits etc .......
Couple of pictures of me on there...very tastful too if i may say so. :lol:
I couldn't see any clowns :wink: :lol:
:lol: You're awake them. Slow day at the office? :wink:
Actually no, had to do some work this morning...fcuking outrageous

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