Interesting use of Boats parts...;)

Don't know if this has been posted before (too lazy to search), but I got this link from our Submarine Forum here in Halifax where they are discussing putting parts of one of the O Boats in our park in Halifax, sort of cheaper this way...

Actually looks like land sharks...:DDD


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Ahhhhhhhhh,,,, The mystery is solved,,,,,,HMS Dreadnought's ( Rosyth non-tidal basin ) fin has turned up. For years I asked why did they cut it off. :whew:
Sorry been done the casing and Fin of HMAS/m Otway is set in a park in Holbrook in Australia to celebrate the towns best known citizen and hero.

Today Otway's casing and fin can be seen in Holbrook, NSW, a tiny rural town of some 1,500 people located 500 km south-west of Sydney. "Holbrook" was after Naval Commander Norman Holbrook who in a submarine with battery power for only two hours stayed submerged for nine hours (unheard of in 1914) evading the enemy by maneuvering. Replica of the original B11 submarine and a statue of Commander Holbrook are also located at the town main square.

I think we may be getting our 'fins' ('sails' in the US Navy) mixed up with our hydroplanes. It's an imaginative idea though and a fitting tribute to undersea Cold War warriors. See also here.


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