Interesting research

Hello, and thanks to the mods for letting me post here.

My doctoral research is all about the 'employment' aspects of serving in the armed forces - that is, things like pay, training, discipline and so on. I'm running an initial survey, which shouldn't take too long to complete, at:

Two things I should stress before you all rush off to complete it(!):
  1. The survey's only for people who've left the service
  2. My primary focus is on other ranks in the Royal Navy / Royal Marines, but former officers and/or ex-members of the Army or RAF are also welcome to respond.
Any questions, comments or corrections, do let me know - and thanks in advance for your help
Thanks to all those who've done my survey - the response to date has been immense, and it's still running if anybody else is interested. Former Royal Marines, who are currently a bit under-represented in the data, would be particularly welcome.

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