Interesting polls from the London Evening Standard

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Father_Famine, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. There are some interesting polls on this page of "this is" which is part of the Evening Standard.

    The enormous Mosque news is very interesting, some people are claiming it will be built with public money but, I can't see that in the article.

    The E Mail I received pointing this out was worded as though using your vote would influence the planners, but, I doubt that very much.

    It is interesting to see the number of votes being cast about Muslim issues compared to other polls.

    The other thing is I think the setup allows multiple voting from 1 pc, maybe its a test bed for Golden Browns electoral policy :cry:
  2. Slightly off track but here in Houston the Moslem community purchased a piece of land to build a Mosque. It was all done above board with all necessary permissions and plans submitted, inspected and approved. The "gentleman" who sold them the land has now set up a pig-racing track on land alongside the Mosque.

  3. Seems like a guy with a sense of humour...
  4. Recently a Mosque was refused planning permission in Birmingham,the refusal is being appealed against citing ...... you guessed it RASCISM!I wonder if they would let the Methodists build a chapel in Mecca???

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