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Interesting chat


Lantern Swinger
Just had 'Abdul Foofoo Asisi' pop up on my chat:

Abdul: to fool?

Me: ?
Abdul: send me money

Me: why would i do that?
Abdul: paypal @ foofooinlagos

Abdul: cos i is skint thicky

Me: lifes quite nice up here in my mansion, pitty you didn't try harder in life.

To give him credit 'to fool' was quite witty

p.s. I don't have a mansion.
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War Hero
I had something similar from him last week. I offered to send him some white bitches, but he refused saying he prefered boys. I cut the chat short because I couldn't help him any further.

Seen, I had it, got the impression it was Redmist. Sent him a couple of hundred by wire, guess he has spent it.


War Hero
He has plenty of joo joo, just been offered some myself, handy really I was running low. Is it a free joo joo scam?


I had the same. I lured him out of character and he got angry and called me a cock. It's JuJu not Joo Joo anyway, the thick unfunny cunt. I wish people would research their devilishly clever and witty comedic logins.

Edited to add: The title of this thread is excellent satire by the way.


Had some more dull interaction with callsign 'Blackcat'. The dull cunt goes to the effort of creating multiple logins yet still can't come up with any decent patter other than: "Gobshite', 'Cock', 'Your (sic) full of shite', 'twat' etc.

Put some effort in for fuck sake.


War Hero
I thought Abdul was gay, as my message went:

bender, give me cash

Then I thought it might be a poor blackmail attempt!


War Hero
You all ain't suggesting this fuckers a real Juju man are you.
I told him to fuck off.
That the cat got run over the same day as the wife left me, I smashed the car up, the house burnt down and the girlfriend turns up pregnant, I had down as coincidence.
How much should I send him, and is wonga open Sundays?


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Had some more dull interaction with callsign 'Blackcat'. The dull cunt goes to the effort of creating multiple logins yet still can't come up with any decent patter other than: "Gobshite', 'Cock', 'Your (sic) full of shite', 'twat' etc.

Put some effort in for fuck sake.

Ah yes. Blackcat. My apparant alter ego. That's Redmist by the way and he's still a fucking tool.

As for this other fool, i've not come across the cunt so can't comment.


War Hero
Sent me a picture recently. Asked me for money - but I sent him all my empty
Lynx Shower Gel bottles. They do a good trade in recycling crap so I'm told.



War Hero
I've got the tosser on now and as it is Sunday, thought I'd play with him a little........

Abdul: bad juu juu on you bender
Me: No, it's OK, I have a black doll here I'm stuffing pins in - does your head hurt yet?
Abdul: you f***ing witch doctor
Abdul: may you soul burn in hell
Me: Yep, you got it - in goes another pin. Hurting yet?
Abdul: send me money white rich fool
Me: Who says I'm white. Or rich. Or a fool? Fool.
Abdul: ok nigga send me money you poor tool
Me: IfI ain't got none, how can I send any? Now go away and play with the cars on the motorway Head hurting yet?
Abdul: paypal @ foofooinlagos

Abdul: send lots of money honkey

Sadly the first few lines didn't copy.


War Hero
It's nagging the bollocks off me also. Apparently I'm a tit. IS difficult to type more than one three letter word
when you're doing it with a head-wand.

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MG Maniac

War Hero
Feeling seen off ... how come you guys have all the fun and the [email protected] leaves me alone???? Has he not heard of equality??? How far is Lagos from Sharm el Sheikh??? Is it close enough for me to pop round one afternoon???
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