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Interesting chat


So, was in the pub tonight talking to a friend about my RFA app, a RN reserve officer overheard my conversation and decided he wanted to be invo decided I was the perfect candidate to poach. Not overly sure how to react, sure the navy is attractive but I'm.concerned about my age of joining and the retirement age..

I don't know what to do, I would love to joint the navy but as a 29 year old I feel somewhat past my prime for the navy, so RFA is right for me right now, but now I'm second guessing, any advice?

Sorry just to add was not considering a change,my dedication has been aimed at the RFA, I'm just stunned by the approach and now im not sure
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29 is not too old to join the RN, I know plenty of people who are older who have. However it depends what you want out of your career, the RFA and the RN are different beasts and will give you different lifestyle and experiences. If you want Military discipline and more public recognition then go with the RN, if you fancy more leave and civilian qualifications then go with the RFA (there are lot more benefits for either choice, these are just examples), you need to have a think about it, but whatever you decide base it on evidence not some smooth talking recruiter :D
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