interested in RM... any medical examiners here ?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Swift_Ice, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Hello there another hopeful...

    Any how past few years i have "thought" about applying for the Royal Marines
    but looking after mother it was not exactly that easy.

    long story short about 18 months ago we had two family deaths
    in a very short period of a month or so.

    A visit to the doctors and
    they said i had bereavement depression.
    I have been on the sick now for a while and about 3-4 months ago doc prescribed
    some medication which i add i did not want really

    i have not taken prescribed meds and dealt with it in my opinion the correct way

    ie getting outside and "carrrying on" with things

    sorry for the downer of a post !

    but after looking into medical standards of entry
    i see there is a 3year or so stop gap if you have been prescribed medication for "Depression"

    I am not "drug" dependant as i understand this is why the 3 year gap is in place

    Guess the question is does this apply to me as i have not taken prescribed treatment my doc knows this...

    i have kicked myself up the As*
    currently looking for work and started my phys again

    Any thoughts guys?

    Thanks for looking !
  2. How long has it all been going on for? Sounds a bit long for our guidelines I'm afraid. Grief reactions normally clear up within a couple of months, medication or not. Also, a 2 year period must have passed. This is nothing to do with drugs - merely making sure things really are all ok again.

    RN Medical Officer
  3. I guess around the same time 18-19 months now...

    Agreed on the bereavement must have fallen into a depression of sorts
    know i lost all my phys and gained a few stones...

    If i was able to apply it would not have been till around this time next year
    as above my phys is non existent any more and a little maths english course
    would not go a miss Ha

    Cheers !

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