Interested in joining RFA MM2/SG2 Apprentice

Discussion in 'RFA' started by AL86, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. Hi everyone, just joined the forum but I've been watching the RFA section for a while.

    I'm interested in the either Seaman (SG2) or Engineer (MM2) Apprenticeship. I haven't applied yet as I'm still undecided and researching these roles.

    I called RFA recruitment recently to enquire and see if recruiting for these roles which they are, but I wouldn't be interviewed until early/mid 2016 assuming I pass the psychometric test and sift. I've just missed all the inteviews unfortunately!
    She did advise me on the psychometric testing and to get lots of practice.
    Due to the high number of applications, they are now primarily going for those with the highest scores from the PT, when sifting for interview.
    She said they get lots off applications for SG2 and MM2 apprenticeships and I'd stand more of a chance getting in going for the other roles like Apprentice Chef, CIS, Steward but I'm not too keen on those. Maybe CIS but I'm trying to get away from being sat at computers most of the day.

    With regards to the apprenticeships, I know that there is a no guarantee of permanent employment with the RFA after completion. Although the training, experience and sea time will be good. I'd be leaving a full time permanent position (not that I'd miss it much) so I'm trying to think ahead incase no permanent position was offered, or I decided to leave years down the line.

    I wondered if anyone knows more about the NVQ/experience with the engineering role in particular and if those skills would be transferable to land based jobs like factories etc? Does anyone know of people leaving the RFA and now doing this or do they tend to stick with marine industry?

    I do like to be fixing/building things and getting stuck in with it, hence why I'm keen on an engineering career.
    But at the same time I'm quite the adventurous type and I enjoy being outdoors what ever the weather. That's why I also like the sound of the Seaman role.

    I guess with engineering I would be spending most of my time below deck in a noisy, confined environment checking temps, pressure. Or perhaps there is more variety and experience to gain? Like the website/video suggest with Mick the motorman.

    Seamanship can't really be taken to land based jobs can it? Although I understand we would get training on forklifts and cranes so that maybe handy? Failing that there is always cruiseline, yacht, container jobs to pursue.

    Apologies for rambling on, I'm just expressing my thoughts and where I am regarding joining.

    Opinions (not too sarcastic) would be appreciated from those with the relevant experience/knowledge.

    And/or I'd be grateful if I could PM and get to know some people on here, who are training for or currently with the RFA :)
  2. Apply to both?
  3. I thought I could only apply for one position at a time?
  4. I'm fairly positive you cant
  5. The qualification is in "general" engineering although the course is aimed more specifically and not surprisingly at marine applications
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  6. Good afternoon,

    Like you said, they are looking at the top RT scores.
    I passed the RT 2 weeks ago but, did not pass SIFT. I actually quit my job to complete City & Guilds level 2 Maths to increase my chances on the numeracy paper & so pretty gutted.
    When I called to get some feedback, they said with over 250 applicants & just 12 places, competition was tough.
    I was told the only other way of getting in was to retake the RT in 12 months & get a higher score or, apply to another branch & so, I've applied for Motorman.
    Trinity House has the odd vacancy but again - loads of applicants.
    I have also looked at all the other areas of Merchant Navy but , for all deck/cadet opportunities, they want good GCSE's with at least one science subject. Even if you have a degree, you still have to have those GCSE's.
    If I'm not successful, I'm going to get my STCW95, work towards my Yachtmaster & keep looking for something else out there.

    Good luck
  7. Sorry to hear you did not get through.

    I have also recently passed functional skills level 2 Maths and currently working on English which I should have complete by December. I'm doing it for free with council adult learning and attending evening class once a week.
    I started it so I could do a student course at my current employer but they have changed all the entry requirements now. Pretty much the same entry requirements as officer training etc
    It's still handy to have the level 2 on the CV though, due to me getting crap GCSE'S at school. That's my own fault for not pulling my weight enough.

    I have since got two NVQ'S (one is a level 3) through workplaces over the years but they are not relevant subjects and wouldn't be seen as equivalents if I was to try for cadet. Other option would be to study and resit GCSE's if I wanted to go that route hmmm...

    So have you applied again for Motorman with the RFA? Did you apply for the Seaman position originally I take it?

    I've not heard of Trinity House I'll have to look that one up.

    You certainly sound determined about a career at sea, hope whatever you do works out for ya!
  8. Thanks,

    Yes, I initially went for seaman.
    No military experience & a career in marketing probably did not work in my favor but, I'm gonna go back to ecommerce & save up to get more training & relevant skills.

    Good luck yourself :)
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  9. I've gone for the Seaman Apprentice as I feel I'd be better suited to this role. Just waiting for AFCO to contact and arrange psychometric test. I'll let you guys know how I get on!
  10. To be completely honest, I would stick with the "Full time permanent position" that you hold at present.
    People who look to coming to sea as some sort of adventure normally don't last too long and end up regretting the move, try an adventure holiday instead.
  11. Being single with no kids and living with my parents, I'm in the position to take that chance and find out for myself.
    I'm not exactly looking for adventure holidays, but a change in career with new challenges and opportunities. Yeah ok also there's the perks of travel etc.
    It hasn't been a spur of the moment decision, I've been looking into this for quite a while.
    I'll keep that in mind though. Do you currently work for the RFA?
  12. Hey it`s your life, do what you feel is right, just bear in mind that life at sea isn`t one big jolly and there will be plenty of times no matter what path you choose that you will wish you had never heard of the RFA or even contemplated going to sea in the first place.
    That said, going to sea was my first choice, so 10 years RN and 35 years MN I have seen a fair few guys come and rapidly depart, in both navies.
    I have done a few trips with RFA but RASing a battlewagon at 3am off the north coast of Scotland in mid November was not my idea of having a laugh.
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  13. I don't disagree with what you say, I very well could be one of those that rapidly departs and regrets it. But thats similar situation to civvy street jobs in my opinion with people in and out.
    I've worked various places, in a variety of roles and I can say the same about others I've come across.
    In my experience the only way is to get stuck in and find out for yourself whether it's for you or not, whatever job you do. There will always be mixed opinions from others based on their experiences.
    But I do actually appreciate your opinion more due to the experience you have, and not sugar coating things, so I'm all ears and it has been duly noted.
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  14. I sat the psychometric test recently and received letter today from RFA saying I had passed, but unfortunately not offerered an interview.
    They state this is due to the scheme being over subscribed and the current strength of competition.
    I can reapply for the same trade in 12 months or alternatively a different trade in 6 months.
    Never mind! I'm sure I'll be trying again in future!
  15. I got the same exact letter.
    Gutted but gonna try again in 6 months time. Maybe try comms
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  16. Me too!

    They advised me to apply to another branch so, I have applied for Engineering Apprentice.
    With the application I sent every certificate I had - baring the 1st at egg & spoon race in 1979.
    I'm guessing I will have missed the Feb intake anyway so, if not successful, I will apply again next year.
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  17. They told me not to apply again for 6 months for a different branch or 12 for seaman apprentice. But defo gonna reapply hopefully 3rd time lucky. Lol
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