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I've been interested in joining the Royal Navy for a while now and found out that allergies are a bar. My situation is that when I was younger I had an allergic reaction to Oranges, tangerines etc in which eating just one segment of a tangerine caused a rash etc. However with wanting to join the Navy I decided to test my self by eating an entire tangerine with no reaction at all. Just wondering what my situation would be with an application. Any help would be appreciated
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Wait for a definitive answer off angrydoc.

In the interim: Food allergies certainly are a significant issue with regard medical suitability.

To be honest, I wouldn't suggest anyone with a genuine allergy puts it to the test by consuming their "poison" or being stung by something they know they're allergic to, because death precludes entry also - although, to be fair, I'm not medically qualified to advise this, granted.

Question is: If you're not allergic to that particular tangerine/chocolate orange, or whatever it was - Do you still have a food allergy?

If it's on your medical record, you still have it until definitive tests prove otherwise. The snag? You'll probably end-up having to pay to undergo allergy tests to prove you do not have an allergy.

Obviously that's just my guess - as stated, wait until AD gives a qualified pointer before you start scoffing anything citrus.


You're going for the high risk strategy! I presume your previous reaction wasn't anaphylactic, and was just a rash. If it was, then you're ****ing insane and could have died. People die from allergic reactions - if you have anaphylaxis and need treatment with epinephrine then you're going to need it faster than the 8 minutes it takes for a 999 ambulance to arrive.

Childhood reactions come come and go but I'd recommend asking your GP if you could be seen by the local allergy clinic to see if you are still allergic to anything. Foodstuff allergy is a bar to service.



Yeah it wasn't anaphylactic, just a rash when I was around 2 and even then it came out of my system quickly. Thanks for the input from everyone, booking an appointment with my GP to get it all sorted out and hopefully be cleared. Again, thanks alot.
I served with a food allergy to strawberries but I was told by the careers office it was unlikely that I would get strawberries in the mob,Although I did see them in the Wardroom a few times,Guess thats what barred me from Dartmouth .

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