Interested in becoming a Logistics Officer

Hi all, new to this site.

Recently out of university (22), looks like I will be achieving a 2:1 in Mathematics. I have been looking through royal at jobs in logistics and see two roles that appeal to me:

1: Logistics Officer (Surface Fleet) -

2: Logistics Supply Officer (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) -

As someone with no navy background, can anyone explain the difference between these roles, and the differences between working on the Surface Fleet in comparison to working for the RFA? Specifically why one requires a degree (RFA) and the other only requires A-Levels. Any and all responses greatly appreciated.


War Hero
You need a degree for Logs in RFA? Never would have called that in. Given the choice go Navy every time. Life as a Logs Officer is fantastic. Every job you do is different so it’s never dull. Promotion is at a decent pace if you work for it and Logs gave most fun IMHO.


Lantern Swinger
Who knew! I don’t know the reason behind the disparity in quals, but do know that you’ll spend a lot more time in seagoing roles in the RFA compared to the RN.


War Hero
Some RFA LSOs have appropriate degrees, even post grad degrees, one has a degree in naval architecture.

As for requirements, last I looked a degree wasn’t cast in stone as a requirement. A single, en suite cabin is.

I’m sure I’ve posted about this in the last month. Maybe the search engine is broken again.