Inter-service Banter?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jack_McHammocklashing, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Re: Some of our own need help

    It would be a good thing if the charity posted its registered charity number up rather than a bank account number to pay it into

    They state that the holiday is free supplied by Spanish Dave, so we just have the air fare to find
    Now easy jet is £50 quid return (sometimes it is each way) they have raised £17k in three months yet have sent only twelve families

    (Perhaps these grateful families only want a holiday in "high season")

    If it is Ssafa then why not state it openly with their charity number and registration

    I am all for our people getting what they need (I do not post and brag what I do for them) but I do have serious doubts on the internet claiming things

    Why only this week on my website I have collected £4k and have managed to send two matelot family's to Guz for a week, Well they were Pompey ratings living in Exeter

    Nope when it comes to cash it goes in the tin of bona fide collectors or by cheque to head office for me Usually to RNBT but as not many RN'rs are suffering, my cheque goes to RBL

    Perhaps my post apears rude and offensive, it is not meant to be, it's meant to make sure people send hard earned money to those most deserving and not be another story in THE SUN

    Jack McH
  2. Re: Some of our own need help

    I know I'm just a visitor to these pages but I have to say, JackMcH, no-one is forcing you to pay anything, if you don't want to help then wander off. However there are people who are more than willing to help our own and know how slowly the wheels of the official charities turn. We also know how hard it is to get funds from those charities. I am a SSAFA caseworker in my other hat and know how often Regimental Assoc/Benevolent funds say no or say you can have some but not all. Even this can take months for them to get back to us.This is something to give immediate help and those getting help from this fund need immediate help. now this will be my last post to you as I refuse to turn a damn good cause into a platform for your negativity.
    To the rest of you 'come on folks every little helps and we are helping our own'
  3. Re: Some of our own need help

    As they originally expected it to be a small collection, with everything manned by people who have full time jobs, turning it into a charity and the ensuing bureaucracy was not a realistic option. The guy doing the collecting is a mod on ARRSE who is known by many and is being checked up on by other regular users of the site.

    Yes. Twelve families, with parents and kids in each. Lets's say an average of 4 people per family, £200 per family. Add in car hire, say £50 per week; spending money of £150 per week: £400 per family, £4,800 total. Some will be more as they need a carer or have a larger family.

    Leaves £12k to account for. Taking off £2,500 for Selly Oak, leaves £9.5k to account for.

    As mentioned in the post, they've helped 9 individual cases as well since the collection started back in December. If you had been there since December you'd have seen 3 key threads running since then with requests for donations AND regular sitreps as to who was being helped:

    Thread 1; Thread 2; or Thread 3

    Sample updates, with as much info as could be given due to individual privacy being respected, such as
    Taken from this page

    The above are some of the 9 cases - assistance ranged from a couple of hundred to well over a thousand quid per case. I'd say that pretty much covers everything, given that some holidays cost more than the average.

    Words fail me. I have tried, repeatedly, to explain this nicely to you, but it seems that people such as myself whose family member DARES to get injured are, by your repeated insinuations, greedy little scrotes out to get what they can from everyone. This is simply not true.

    It's not SSAFA. But Oldbaldy is involved with SSAFA and is thus aware of occasional cases requiring emergency help that SSAFA cannot mobilise quickly enough for - and thus the ARRSE fund have been able to help on those urgent cases instead.

    So your way of helping "our people" is to donate quietly, but to then post repeated comments on here about people like me being greedy. That insults people who are, frankly, already tired enough of getting through daily life with an injured serviceman to look after.

    See whilst we have tried going down official routes for help in various areas, bootie's complications mean that we've not been able to do simple things like confirm meeting times with official bodies, as he is constantly sick or in medical appointments. He's been royally screwed by the system and I am doing my damndest to ensure it doens't happen to anybody else EVER, but in the meantime bootie still has to get by without the help he should have been getting and hasn't. So ARRSE were fantastic for us, as they provided the funds for an essential piece of equipment - one that we still haven't even had an assessor visit to organise yet, several months later.

    Good for you. RBL haven't been able to help us in the slightest as our circumstances are too complex for them to deal with. But they do wonderful work with those they can help, although as they said to us, they are now getting requests for help from so many injured serving servicemen that they are struggling to deal with this new bunch. And RNBT - well to apply for that we had to be visited by SSAFA; but the particular guy put onto our case started demanding extra hurdles that bootie wasn't in a position to meet (ever try getting paperwork off a computer system that your head injuries prevent you from remembering login details for and that nobody else is allowed to access for you?) so we still haven't gotten as far as the RNBT. Such is life when they have to deal with so many injured all of a sudden.

    This collection has not made it into the press once and isn't intended to, because not one person wanted this to be a pathetic flash-in-the-pan news story. It's about mates helping mates - but to do that they've started a shameless thread amongst themselves to remind each other to chip in. They thought they'd try it on RR as they'd been helping some of RR's own, but it seems that their approach isn't understood as well by some over here.

    Oh and by the way, claiming you didn't mean to be rude and offensive doesn't prevent you from being so. Not once have you apologised for the way your comments have insinuated that people in my position are money grabbing, greedy little bastards who are not "the most deserving" and will not be satisfied with anything but the best. One year ago, bootie had the misfortune to drive over a bloody landmine on the last day of his tour. He then had the double misfortune of having his surgery screwed up and nobody figuring this out for many months. He's gone through hell and still is, and yes, if people offer him things to make what he's going through a little more bearable, he won't turn it down. But that does not make him a lesser human being and I will not have you making comments about people like him that are untrue and unpleasant, and then trying to excuse yourself by saying you don't intend it to be taken that way.
  4. Re: Some of our own need help

    Do you know what Jolly Jack Tar, you are a shame to your fine service. I am Spanish Dave and I have asked the community in Spain to donate properties for wounded guys and their families at no cost, this they have gladly done, yes we have weeks in August, but do you know what, not a single person has asked to go then as it appears they understand that most places would be booked. I hope you never get wounded in the service of our fine country!
  5. Re: Some of our own need help

    As well as being shallow and self absorbed you are also incredibly stupid for not bothering to read about what you comment on. Knobjockey.
  6. Re: Some of our own need help

    Folks - I think we just have a wind up merchant - or one of the, I lost my iPod brigade. As all before have said "We are just ex or serving guys & gals helping OUR OWN" so there is no registered charity.

    You will notice there is no T in JM's user name.
  7. Re: Some of our own need help

    You will find most normal UK subjects F. O overseas on holiday, its normally council estate types who frequent Blackpool, Scarborough, mind you a holiday in the Smoke is like being in a foreign country, I do like Edinburgh.

    Blackpool FFs
  8. Re: Some of our own need help

    Good Morning, RN and RM.

    We'll be leaving you now, I think. There's not much point in trying to run an appeal here if we have to spend half the time engaged in debate over how, or why, or where, or who we are trying to help..

    Thanks very much to those who have donated [either publicly or privately].

    If anyone else feels inclined to help a fellow serviceman through our humble ARRSE Appeal, you can find our main thread

    'Bye, guys and gals. The work continues elsewhere.

    ex-RN, ex-RAF, Committed Purple.
  9. Re: Some of our own need help

    I have today made my donation as promised. I find the attitude of some on this site to be nothing short of apathetic and sickening. The ARRSE appeal is simply our own attempting to help our own. I would request Blue Sophist and oldbaldy persevere, and do not abandon attempts to solicit donations from members of Rum Ration on the Rum Ration site.

  10. Re: Some of our own need help

    Thanks for that, on both aspects.

    I guess we'll have to have a PM-chat on ARRSE, in view of your comment, but we certainly don't want to be somewhere where we not welcomed [even if only by one RR poster].
  11. Re: Some of our own need help

    I am fecking appalled by the behaviour of some of the miserable [email protected] an this site. You know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Im an exbootneck and this site should be perfect for people like me to engage with people like myself from similar backgrounds. How fecking wrong was I? Some of the fecking heartless comment left by some RR members recently are almost driving me to ball my fecking eyes out. These guys out in Afghan and Iraq getting horribly wounded are our oppos and don't ever fecking forget it. If you haventgot anything nice to say about them or their situation then i suggest you keep your mouth shut. Im not slagging matelots off completely but apart from some of the boys that were down south and tasted the awfulness that is the chaos of the battlefield there are lot's of know it all / ungratefull members on this site giving it Big Time. I've virtually had it with RumRation. Its boring and not a very exciting place for most Bootnecks. Im off to ARRSE now to have some banter with the stinking Pongoe's. They crawl around in the mud and look after thier own ( Even Bootnecks). Wake up up Arseholes you know who you are! If you don't like this post before you reply remember my final words '' Suck me off!''
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy Badgeman Moderator

    Re: Some of our own need help

    I find this thread very sad.
    We have someone offering free accommodation to injured troops of all three services having to justify his actions.
    We have the wife of an injured marine have to justify why she is willing to accept help from outside the main Service Charities.
    The main Service Charities are under pressure & anything that can be done to elleviate that has to be welcome.
    Comment has been made about being connected to SSAFA. This appeal has no connection with SSAFA, although some individuals have been referred to them for extra assistance.
    I use their logo on my avatar for other reasons & like many on the boards I am a SSAFA volunteer.
    Comment has also been made about charity numbers. This appeal has ruled out applying to the Charity Commissioners for registration for a whole host of reasons but that does not prevent it's aims from being charitable.
    For those who wish to think that this then means something dodgy is going on I would ask you to remember the appeal is taking place with the agreement of the owners of the ARRSE & RumRation boards who are the same people. Do you really think they would allow they would allow something which is not above board to be in their name when the boards, especially ARRSE, are so heavily scrutenised by the press.
  13. Re: Some of our own need help

    OB, in fairness we must remember that many [if not most] of those involved in the Appeal are well-known on ARRSE, but are strangers on RR.

    I have taken another mellow pill, as you can see ... good job my ISP went down yesterday evening, though ;-)
  14. Re: Some of our own need help

    That said , one must allow for the appalling lack of reading ability of some. I blame the teachers.

    Didn't realise the ol' troubles name was Isp, still no matter, I'm sure it did you good. :thumright:
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Some of our own need help

    Hmm, as this thread was posted in Diamond Lil's perhaps there has been some piss taking on both sides?! :? 8O
  16. Re: Some of our own need help

    In that case after 54 posts maybe a RR moderator should have thought about moving the thread to a more appropriate place and also encouraging Rum Ration members to donate?

  17. Re: Some of our own need help

    That has me bemused.

    Are you suggesting we came here to take the pi66? If that's the case, I look forward to your retraction of that comment at the earliest opportunity, once you have taken the time to trawl through ARRSE to see the work being done.

    We are in Diamond Lil's for the same reason we're in the NAAFI over there ... more potential customers, more views, more lurkers.

    Bad call, Sir.
  18. Re: Some of our own need help

    I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier comments re reading ability. There is obviousely some sort of coterie :withstupid:
  19. Re: Some of our own need help

    PE4, do fork off back to the NAAFI or 3RTR, please.
  20. Re: Some of our own need help



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