Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. There's a new James Bond novel being written, and Indiana Jones is coming out of retirement, so I thought is was time for my
    unsung hero to get into the fray again. After many happy years in retirement, flogging bedding plants to coach loads of day-tripping
    medicated Zimmer-Gibbons, Umberto Nigel Ian Bond is going to save the world again, only this time he's going to have a wise-cracking
    American partner along for the hair-raising, nerve-jangling and utterly un-f***ing-believable ride. Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to
    introduce you to *Wheelspanner* Jones - an ex-Chief Stoker who, after many weeks of logging on to WWW.BASTARDS-REUNITED.COM
    has discovered that he is actually Indiana Jones half-brother (twice removed), having been binned into a Dr. Barnado's Orphanage at
    the end of WW II, after Indiana Jones dad had a sweaty minute or three with his mum behind a Yates Wine Lodge in Southsea prior
    to legging it - never to be heard from again. Our intrepid pair of heroes are a lot older, no wiser, a little thicker around the centre,
    grumpier and completely un-PC. It's the 21st Century, and they 'aint caught up with it yet.
    It's going to be Hell.

    ***James' Bonds Dad and Wheelspanner Jones***

    ^^^^^^^ Together for the first time in: ^^^^^^^^^


    (Beginning sometime this year) [​IMG]

  2. BBD,
    PMSL already. Can't wait!
  3. My God, this is what we realy need in our lives, a true hero we can all relate to. Well done BBD :thumright:
  4. Err! I don't fink there is a Yates Wine Lodge in Southsea. :scratch:
  5. He was bladdered - and it was dark. It's been modernised since last a
    fair buxom maiden served thee up a goblet of foaming mead for
    twopence three farthing!

    Anyway, its close enough......

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