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I am in the process of beginning an application for Warfare Officer. Naturally I have looked into career progression and the jobs that I may have an opportunity to do one day. One of these is Intelligence Officer but unsurprisingly there seems to be some limited information! I am totally aware that this job does not come with a licence to kill nor a fancy car but it is still something that really appeals to me.

I've searched from some previous threads on here and the internet, Linkedin has a couple of profiles with some decent information but it has still left a few unanswered questions. The threads were a few years old so I was wondering if anything had changed in that time.

1. Is it an office only based job? Any chances of serving on ships/submarines?

2. Would there be opportunities to serve alongside different units (eg 3 Commando Brigade, Int Corps) and postings overseas?

3. How would this affect my career progression as a Warfare Officer? If I am aiming to one day command a ship would it be better to choose a specialisation that is predominantly at sea (eg Navigator etc)?

Thanks for any help.
[video=youtube_share;F2eqX93umXo][/video] Heres a bit of mood music, to get you in the right frame of mind for your chosen branch RN. You can think of this, and have a laugh to yourself when you're cold and wet on Dartmoor..:rofl:


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" I am totally aware that this job does not come with a licence to kill nor a fancy car but it is still something that really appeals to me. "

Interesting - why does it appeal to you? You'd be surprised how dull much of this work is, and how people enter into it without realising this!


Thanks Sarking I'll put that on my ipod!

Purple_twiglet, I think to a certain extent any job within the Navy will have it's dull and mundane moments no matter where I go. Personally I would find areas of engineering boring but that's me. I will certainly do as much as I can do find out more (which may not even happen until I make it to BRNC) but at the moment it's just an expression of interest.
Funnily enough I can answer this quite well:1) Mostly office based, but the opportunity to work on Ships/Submarines and other prime locations will happen too.2) You will serve alongside different units, especially Int Corps. Because of this, I would strongly suggest you don't train for a Naval standard of fitness, you train for an Army standard instead. The Int Corps run their people and augmentees from other services ragged. The only guys who laugh at this are, predictably, any and all bootnecks.3) Intelligence Officers tend to get stuck in that chosen field. However, progression can be pretty good as the Intelligence section was recently commanded by a Naval Intelligence officer. It does mean getting posted to some pretty crap parts of the country though.It's well worth reading up on the Int Corps and getting the information on what their officers do, because there are a lot of similarities on the job. Likewise, they also have a military museum which is open to the public through prior arrangement. Have a skeg for DISC Chicksands on google, because that should have the contact details. It's all freely available information for you.

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