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Hi all,

I hope its alright to post here a couple of questions regarding life as an intelligence officer in the Navy.

I am coming to the end of my Master's degree now and have wanted to join the Military for a while and can't decide between the Army, Navy, or Air Force. I've spoken to my AFCO but i'd like to get a few more opinions floating about in the wild

I wondered how frequently Navy intelligence officers are deployed? I have family members who were in the Navy a while back and said that intelligence officers would be deployed once to say they've had time on the seas, and then almost never again. Spending their time mostly in London. Is this still the case? I am looking at what force plays best with family life and having a family as that is fairly important to me. I'd also like to be based in London, or the surrounding areas as that's where my Partner lives. Although I would very much like to be deployed to make the most of my time in the forces, I just wondered how frequent it would be in the Navy.

How does career progression hold against the RAF and the Army in terms of intelligence?

How is Naval intelligence held in esteem compared with the RAF and Army, or are they all much the same?

I've heard the Navy and RAF treat people better than the Army (With some saying navy treats you better than the RAF and some saying RAF better than the navy). Is this still the case or is that another bit of old information?

Finally, is anyone aware of the post-military opportunities to transition into the intelligence agencies?

If it is at all relevant, my specialism at uni was behavioural science with a regional focus in China. I'd love to be able to employ behavioural sciences in some capacity as I know tools from behavioural sciences are employed frequently in the IC.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any attempt to respond to this brief novella.

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