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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Gonetothedarkside, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone got any info on either an Intelligence Branch (JR/SR etc) or Intelligence Specialisation (Occifer).

    Is there a move to create the above named beasts or will it just be a bit of an add on to an already established trade/specialisation or will posts just take the form of an Any specailisation/Common Appointment?

    And can we save any quips about Naval Officers and intelligence being an oxymoron for another time please!!! :thumright:
  2. If you've not yet joined then your local AFCO has all the answers you require.

    If you're already in I'm sure your DO or someone in DLO or someone can answer your questions.

    Or try the Royal Navy Official Website

    If not I'm sure Ninja or Supermario will be along to help ya
  3. Depends what you mean by intelligence, as there is different aspects. For the james bond stuff(i.e. HUMINT) you'll only find that in the Royal Navy Reserve, and they'll want you to be fluent in a foreign language, a useful one preferably (Russian, Farsi, Arabic etc.).

    For the other kind of intelligence,such as radio intelligence(i.e. you'll be listening to the radio a lot) you would be looking at the specialisation of Communication Technician(CT) for which you CAN'T join directly as an ossifer.

    AFAIK promotional prospects for intelligence branch in the RNR are not too great. Have no idea about CT, there are a couple of large threads on both these topics; see below.

    And from RN website:

    Recommend you use the search function, there are a good few threads on the topic of the question you've asked.

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