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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by CmdKeen, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. The RN website is currently showing 4 national weekends for Initial Naval Training, adding "Command and Leadership" and a "final assessment" to the two (newly introduced) ones I've heard of.

    Is this an even newer addition to the current setup or did these two not make the final cut? If they are new does anyone have any details?
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  2. In case anyone does come across this it appears it is a mixture of the site being out of date and merging officer and rating training.

    Ratings have to do the Marinisation and Militarisation weekends. There were originally plans for a pre-Raleigh assessment but this has been dropped - which makes sense as otherwise the minimum time between joining and Raleigh would have stretched even further.

    Officer Cadets do have a pre-BRNC assessment weekend.
  3. It's usually merged into a militarisiation weekend, though. The OCs also now have to do militarisation (Raleigh) and marinisation (Dartmouth) weekends, and recently the May Raleigh weekend was also the BRNC assessment / selection. (It was also Fleet Board assessment for the AS/Lts).

    At the moment, it's a case of "pay attention and be flexible" - there seems to be an overall master plan of how to improve new entry training, but the details are subject to adaptation on contact with reality, and official websites are likely to lag behind until things settle down.

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