insurance for young drivers........

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by chrisj09, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. rather fecking expensive these days but hey ho, im looking at buying a car soon and have been surfing the net getting quotes, ive always wanted an austin mini just becasue i think there awesome!.
    Now ive had a quote for a 1984 998cc mini for £1400ish fully comp, now the question is, is it really worth it?
  2. £1400!!!! Fuck me. You must surely be able to get it cheaper elsewhere.

    Moneysupermarket / comparethemeerkat?
  3. money supermarket was the place i found the cheapest quote, thats not actualy that bad considering todays climate and the amount of cars on the road, but as for the mini should i or should i not? ive always loved them
  4. I've had two and I spent a lot of time fixing them, both bodywork and engine. Don't get me wrong, I loved them but they are a pain.

    How much is the car? If I were you go third party fire and theft, if it's a 1984 mini it's a throw away car anyway.
  5. the car is £1050, would be a little project for me and ive tried third party fire and theft and believe it or not it was more expensive.
  6. I can't believe how much that insurance is, I would personally never spend more to insure a car than it costs to buy it.
  7. shiit, cheers jimbo didnt think about that
  8. There is a way in which younger drivers can get cheaper car insurance, but it restrricts the hours in which you drive. The car needs to be stationary from 11p.m until 5a.m, its called the ikube.
  9. i suppsoe a good thing is ill could keep it insured when im at sea so i can build my no claims up?
  10. There is that.
  11. But then it comes back to the question of should i or shouldn't i :D, for a mini £1050 is good, but ill have no idea how the performance will be if theres anything that wrong with it (hidden).
  12. best way is to put your parent as the main driver and yourself as a named driver hey presto cheaper insurance.
  13. that ikube thing seems ideal for me. as im going to raleigh soon, then collingwood ( id use the car for travelling to and form phase2), i could use that for couple years and build my no claims up then cancel it, cheaper insurance :D

  14. I wish I'd have kept hold of my minis instead of scrapping them, you can't get one for less than a grand now! Outrageous. 10 years ago they were all fifty quid!

    In all seriousness, no. You will spend that again on body panels, radiators and rewiring it every 6 weeks.
  15. My son purchased a brand new 59 plate Corsa 1.2 sxi last year at 19 yrs of age. he was a induced by the offer of free insurance.
    Come delivery time last October, and hey presto he was declined the free insurance by Vauxhalls underwriters as he was
    A, in the armed forces,
    B, Not living at home,
    So after much haggling with the dealers. We got 12 months fully comp through Admiral with me n his Mum as named drivers for £1300. paid for by the dealers. It pays to complain!!!!!!!!!

    A word of warning for fronting i.e insuring in the parents name for your offspring.
    If the unfortunate should happen, the insurance assessor will approach the car. Look at the external modifications, then sit in the car and press the on button for the in car boom box. Listen to the crap being played,and think this is not the car of a 40,50 year old man/woman. Insurance voided Ouch!!
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Very little difference now a days between 3rd party and fully comp. Forget about getting any sort of performance motor, find out whats cheaper to insure and go with that for the first year or so. Several pitfalls with the parents being the main driver route as someone else has pointed out, plus the fact if you bend it Daddy won't love you and even Mummy will be a bit miffed. Don't be tempted to go uninsured, if caught car can be crushed, plus fine, plus points or re test if a new driver. On top of that next insurance quote will be higher because they want you to declare to conviction for driving without insurance.
  17. My cousin has always had minis and loves them for the reason that they are like lego and can be repaired fairly easily in terms of finding and swapping parts, but he did say he does a lot of work on them with them being an older car. Not too bad on the wallet for repairs, but they can be quite frequent so be prepared to do your own work to save money, if I were you I'd look at cheap polos as they aren't as much of a dent in the insurance.
  18. Done that myself, Still ended up paying just over £1000 for a poxy 1.2 sxi corsa.

    Ill be 18 next month, but its still hell of a dear.

    Edit; After reading stix's post. My mum is the main driver, and it is her car!! Never know whos reading up on you ;)
  19. 21 and still doing but I have built up no claims with the company I am with but you are right if I change company I will have no claims bonus and if the company find out you are the owner you will get no pay out.

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