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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jan 6, 2012.

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  1. A few weeks ago whilst walking across a Zebra with the lights on green[in fact there were three others in front of me] a car slammed into me with two women driving.
    it knocked me over but I got up and got to the window and ripped the silly twats off telling them I could sue their arses off if I wanted.
    I wasn't hurt so I let it ride,after while I felt a bit dizzy so I toddled off to the boozer for a straightener where my oppo told me I should report it as I may have internal damage or whatever.
    I went to the Local Nick and said I'm Ok but I'm reporting it.
    The PC said that the cameras covering that crossing were switched off so I said to leave it.
    In the last two weeks I've had 6 phone calls from accident chasers telling me to claim or lose from my accident.
    My point is I only told the local nick so who passed on the info to these twats?
    Is it the Police,is it civilian staff is it Legal?
    No wonder my car insurance is rising every year,there's something wrong here I reckon probably replicated all over the country.Any Ideas?
  2. Ive had calls a couple of years back and hadnt had a accident.

    Could have been calling on the off chance?, it was vague asking Qs but not giving any info.
  3. I'm a little disturbed that there were two women driving it.
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  4. The way they were talking it would be two women driving it! Also I received a message on my mobile this morning telling me to claim.
    Point is that is my personal phone not the business one and only 3 people have that number,me,wife and one son in the States so how did they get that?
    I find it strange particularly as the voices were foreign but that means nothing nowadays I suppose.
  5. This is probably the scam involving someone making a cold call at random and referring to 'an accident' you or a member of your household has had within the past three years. I've received several myself and can see how they would sometimes pay off.

    However, some calls can be the result of an insurance referral which can be equally distasteful (apart from indirectly adding to our insurance premiums because of the number of fake claims it encourages). It seems that some insurance companies are making more money from referrals to lawyers about accidents than they make from their customers' premiums. I know where I'd like my insurance company's priorities to lie, i.e. settling any bona fide claim I might make, not selling my details to 'ambulance chasers':
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  6. FYI - If you sign up to the telephone preference service then that should sort things out for you - only covers EU countries though......
  7. I get texts saying the same kind of thing - I expect your actual accident and the calls may well not even be related. Then again, they might be.

    Putting my Mr Picky head on, are you sure it wasn't a Pelican rather than a Zebra if it had lights?

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