Insult the person above you

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Fightinpaddy, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Avin seen that people are complaining about not enough banter flyin around. Hows about we just abuse each other fer a while? Insult the poster above you, easy really. the more inventive the better. Im first in the firin line but fcuk it! In yer own time, GO ON!
  2. Happy with that. Paddy, you are a loose rimmed nob gobbler of dubious sexual persuasion. You are also hung like a japanese fighting fieldmouse and have breath that would slay an Afghan at 3000 yds. You are also a spud munching mick sh1thouse with an unnatural delight of skiffing. The fact that I know you personally (unfortunately for me) makes this a little easier. And I hate you, you complete cnut.

    Edited to add: Bring it on you [email protected]!
  3. Montigny, you are an out and out basrtad for picking on my mate Paddy, he does not suffer intelligence gladly i can assure you, so wind your fukcing neck in.
  4. Hig, I shagged a French bird once. She said you were rubbish!
  5. Jack I don't know you, have never really come across you before but I just had to say I find you the most utter and complete waste of oxygen every to have been put on this planet.
  6. Womps I know your studying to be a Beautician/Nial Technician, but do all your posts have to prove your blondeness, er .. collars and cuffs don't match though.
  7. I recently went to New Zealand and on the plane I was asked if I had a criminal record. I replied that I didn't think we still needed one to get in.
  8. Nice picture Willow.........Is that the best childhood photo you could find you jug eared excuse for an ape.
    How about your name? It make you seem like you are a member of the up-hill gardeners club.
    Your about as much use as a chocolate fire-guard.

  9. That's for Australia, you munted fecktard.
    Get yourself a look at the Atlas next time you're in your Special Needs Education Class and you'll find that New Zealand and Australia are two different countries. Whoda Thunk it.
  10. Touched a raw nerve did we?
    Thought you lot of convicts all lived together!
    Think that you might have missed the point of this topic though.
    Nevermind. 200 years of culture and you're not quite there yet!
  11. ffs retard are you really that simple that you can't even see that the title of the post is insult the person above you. While clearly above you in intellegance ( obviously not a hard thing) and dickward with half a brain cell can see that the sheep shagging aussie want-a-be in directly above you.
  12. I'm pissing myself laughing now!!!
    To the Ozzie, sorry Kiwi, does the name James Cavanagh mean anything to you?
    While I was in my special needs class, I seem to remember that he was the first European settler in New Zealand.

    Can we all guess what his occupation was?

    Was he - a. A daytime tv presenter?
    b. A rocket scientist?
    c. A criminal?

    Answers on a postcard.
    :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
  13. You're above me, so not quite buttmunch.
    200 years of culture!!? This is New Zealand you're talking about, we only got capucinos last week and as for your favourite Modern Freeform Jazz Tap, well I did enquire at the Madame Swartztopinski School of Ballet and they've only just put in an order for the instructional BetaMax tape, so God knows when they'll be able to put your name down for lessons. I'd stick to the Wayne Sleep school of Dancing and Movement in Staines if I were you.
    Just a wee explanation, a poster may be writing their vindictive spiteful mean and downright dirty comments and post them almost simultainiously as another member does the same.
    Thusly posts aimed at other ******* may come in between posts aimed at some other c0ck jockey.
    So get fecked.
  15. lol!
    I give in!
    It's not in my nature to be nasty to a person I've never even met!
    I don't know what time it is there but it will be light soon here.
    Have fun.
    p.s. I'm miles away from Staines!!! Thank God!
  16. It's all in 'good' fun. So get stuck in, I'm a big boy, literally :thumright: , as well as figuratively.
    Well thats what my GF Barbaraaaaaah told me in that paddock the other hold on it's not slag yourself off NZB.
  17. Hello Norm!

    Never knew you were a bootneck!

    Love & Kisses darling. :thumright:

  18. I bet you aren't - !!!!!!!!!!
  19. This is brilliant! BH, I doubt very much that you look anytin like your avataar. In fact I doubt your gut has ever been that small you pie munchin crocodillypig, now stay away from the fridge unless your makin me my tea doris!
  20. Pimps,simps and comic opera singers the lot of yer,so there!

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