Instant Houses.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. They were certainly a lot more desireable than the MQs in the army camp near us. All the one from near where I grew up went in the 60s but there are still some of the more substantial ones arround if you know what to look for. There have also been substantial protests by residents against their demolitin n some areas.
  2. Saw many of these in the areas around Birmingham where I grew up in the fifties, some of my friends living in them. Should imagine that a couple are still about.
  3. One's still hanging in there. Peckham, South London, Costa Street.
    (Picture was taken 13th June 2006)


    *Quoting from a Blog*One of the last prefabs in the neighbourhood. I'm a big
    fan of these little houses. It's sad to see them bulldozed to make way for the
    soulless fake loft places that seem to be cropping up everywhere at the moment.
    This is proper South London.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    1. There's one on permanent exhibition at the Duxford Imperial War Museum site.

    2. In 1940 we were made to give up all our aluminium saucepans to make Spitfires. This was a Beaverbrook con as the resulting melted-down metal was not the right grade at all. In the end it contributed to building the prefabs. (The iron railings that were impounded all over the country were similarly not used until someone thought up melting them down for ferroconcrete reinforcing rods for the bridges for the 'new' motorways).
  5. My dad spent much of his early life in a pre-fab and from what I gather they were hellish by today's standards but back when- they were much appreciated by folk like my grandparents. As Stripey mentioned this was in the Birmingham area.

    I feel wholly spoilt when I realise the abject poverty my grandparents and dad suffered. Luckily my dad joined the RN as a boy, set up his own business and has always be able to give me all the things he never had. Boy done good.
  6. There are quite a few of those in the Croydon area, particularly up in New Addington, still seem to be in quite good nick though.

  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Spent quite a few years living in one from when I was around 6 years old. By the standards of the day very good living accomodation, with inside toilet and bathroom, which a lot of traditional houses didn't have.
    Put together, certainly in Lyme Regis, by German POW's after the war. Massive gardens to front and rear. Where we lived there were 4 Prefabs in a row, eventually they were demolished and replaced by 10 houses and a large carpark. Very small gardens. Progress?????
    My parents in later years moved into one of the conventional house built on part of the plot of the prefab we used to live in.
  8. I lived in one for about six months when I was 10. Fantastic, they had refrigerators as standard, so ice cubes in the drinking water, pure luxury.
    If anyone would like to see one of these the Museum of Welsh life near Cardiff has one.
    Fantastic museum with free entry. carpark will cost you £2:00.
    Highly recommended Will take you a whole day to see everything, very reminiscent of Beamish museum in the North east of England but without the high entry price.
  9. They are okay but, I recall first time I served at RNAS Yeovilton some of the married quarters were actually caravans... (1974).
  10. I think you may find that the caravans were not married quarters but owned by those who lived in them.
    The navy provided caravan sites at many air stations, Lossiemouth, Lee on Solent and Yeovilton.
    I lived at the Milltown caravan site near Lossiemouth in 1969, it was fantastic.
  11. Know it well mate, not far from Barry Road if i remember rightly

  12. There were a couple in Stoke and the council actually built around them in brick to save knocking them down.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just like the pre-fabs that used to be in Rosyth - an area locally known as "Dolly-town" if I remember rightly. It used to be to the east of Castle Road and south of Admiralty Rd, but had largely gone the last time I visited.
  14. Definatley all gone now, and an expensive home housing estate

    When they were bulldozed I managed to get some excellent garden material from the well tended gardens before the act

    It was quite heart rendering to see seventy-yearolds evicted from the
    home they had lived in since 1947

    What should have happened is the families should have been moved into temporary accomodation, and when the homes were rebuilt moved back in but NO this was a prime development area, another builder rubbed the palm of the local councilor job allegedly

    It is amazing in Fife how many council employees are called Thomson or that was their spouses maiden name uncle auntie cousin etc the pay ledger must be a nightmare for the WRITERS branch
  15. ...As you know I was a 7 year old snotty-nosed kid who stayed there at the same tim Slim. We stayed at B21 where were you?
  16. First home that I remember as a kid, Late 40's early 50's. My mum and Dad had one, granny over the road two aunts and uncles on the same estate. Great sense of community. I can't understand why they don't build them today,using modern materials and insulation.
    BTW a couple are still standing and being lived in just outside Norwich.
    Brings back happy memories, cheers Billy.
  17. Can't remember the number now, but I was too the rear of the clubhouse. out of the back door and into my van, magic.

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