Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Apr 19, 2010.

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    There is a young lady from North Devon, called Lydia Cross. Lydia's story is here ...

    Last Friday (16th April) Lydia ran a mile on her blade prosthetic legs (she calls them her 'leggies'). This may not have been aired much outside of the Westcountry TV area so I am posting this here. I have to tell you it gets very dusty in my house whenever she comes on the news!

    She is an inspirational young lady and should be applauded by all. She has completed many fundraising events.

    This link is from the North Devon Journal and outlines the run that she completed, along with Mark Ormrod and Ben McBean

    Lydias Inspirational 1 Mile Run

    There is also a new topic which has just been posted by someone called RMMUM here ..

    Thanks for reading this thread
  2. That is truly inspiring and too many stories like that go unheard or unoticed.

    How about a daily dose of good/inspiring news from you Jimbo Russel Howard style? haha
  3. Saw it on the news, Devon too so dunno how much nation coverage it got.

    Truly amazing lil girl
  4. A truly amazing girl who puts everything in perspective.
  5. BZ little un
  6. Not been mentioned in darkest Yorkshire, but then very few up here would know of the existence of Devon - it's dahn sarf y'know.
    Thanks for the heads up Jimbo, a truly inspirational story. Bit dusty up here too mate!

  7. Absolutely incredible. Not only as a little girl, but as a human being.
  8. She is an incredible young lady!

    There are some pictures of the race up on The Help Our Wounded Facebook page for anyone that's on FB.

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