Discussion in 'RMR' started by The_Wonderer, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello folks

    I would like to know about what initially inspired, or motivated you to join the RM, or the RMR.

    (both serving and ex please reply)

  2. Inspiration?.........

    The fact that you can buy a green lid for £15 and yet entitlement to earn it cannot be bought, inherited, borrowed or stolen - it has to be earned!!!

    There arent many things left in the world you can say that about!!

  3. I can't answer that question, I was just "drawn" to it like a moth to a light bulb. Shame my knee was already knackered before I joined or I might not have been dumped out of training. Nothing has been the same since to be honest.
  4. I remember getting my green lid to shape before my pass out at CTC. I was loathed to take the bugger off and proudly walked around CTC wearing it before having to give it back for presentation.

    Nothing in the world beats the feeling of putting it on for the first time, worth every ounce of pain, blood, sweat and tears.

  5. You have seen the rest why not try to be one of of the best.

    A Royal Marine Commando.

    Be it regular or reserve that green lid was earned and worn with pride.

    My inspiration came from a certain C/SGT who informed me in a room full of other recruits that "You have only just passed your exam paper and have just made it in you will have to be careful you are not thrown out " Maths is not a great subject of mine.

    Green lid para trained a while later and that knob greeted me like long lost cousins. I met many over the years but that person was a prat!!!
  6. Quite simply the hardest thing I ever did. Only 8 from 58 survived. A very proud moment. The inspiration came from getting kicked out of home as a schoolboy and having nowhere else to go. Concentrates the mind.
  7. Thank's for the reply's to everyone so far!

    I'll use this thread to keep me motivated while in training.

    (I hope more people respond in the future)

    -maybe other recruits could use it for inspiration too?
    (I hope so)
  8. I was getting to the age where I wanted to be train driver or a footballer, realised I wouldn't do either. My neighbour who at the time was a POMEA asked me if I'd thought about a career in the Navy and would I like to go to HMS Sultan for the day. I duly went down and had the time of my life, a 13 year old in the simulators etc. The following year he was a CPOMEA on the Diomede and took me down onboard for families day. There I was 14 years old sat in the CPO's mess surrounded by beer and porn thinking 'this is the life' (I didn't get to see a JR's mess where I would dwell later on in life!). I duly joined the mob in July 83, while in training I received postcards from the same guy, the last one saying 'see you in the fleet'. Having completed my basic training at Mercury I joined the Fearless in Apr 84, my neighbour had sinced moved away from where I lived however, he was a Sub Lt on board. The following year my parents spent the day in the wardroom during families day drinking with him, leaving me down the mess.
    I'm still serving now but have lost touch with him, I assume he's left, he certainly sold the mob to me and I'm glad he did too.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So it's his fault you're a deviant?! :lol:
  10. Could well be! He's probably in hiding now!
  11. (more words of wisdom care of "fodd" - MF&T)

    Life is a chance to discover your limits,
    Try everything with an open mind- perfect yourself.
    Accept pain, discipline and suffering as part of the game.
    Pain is the only way to know when your nearing your best
    Approaching your limits.

    We place no value on anything we get cheaply - the more effort, the more discomfort ,the more hardship - THE HAPPIER WE ARE.

    Effort is the original contribution we make to this world.

    Everything else is given to us:


    Whether spiritual, mental or physical
    Effort is the only element we can aadd
    A sense of humour allows us to tolerate the intolerable
    Accept the unacceptible . to bear the unbearable.


    I was given this when i was in hunter coy it just sums up the commando ethos.

    hope this gives eveyone a bit of inspiration like it did to me.

    'pain is temporary quitting lasts forever'

    was 873 tp and hunter coy
    rejoining soon
    i dont reply on weekends to busy on the lash
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I joined up to have a stab at all the fanny...... :p ......oh, and the shiney buttons

  13. mmmmmmmmm - shiney buttons!! 8O :p
  14. Funnily enough mate......
    Somehow I'm not surprised :lol:
  15. I went along to RN Recruiting Office in High Holburn, London (Is it still there?) to apply for the RN..wanted to try for training as a Physiotherapist..walked in RM Colour Sgt gives me some leaflets to read, because RN CPO is busy, funnily enough its all RM stuff, I was hooked. Breaking strain of a Kit-Kat me.
  16. Having broken the record at the local Tech for the highest exam marks twice in succession, my boss said that the best thing I could do would be to join the Forces.

    I travelled to Leeds - a full days trip in those days - and walked into the RMRN recruiting office to have a closer look at the extremely attactive young lady wearing the uniform of a "Pee Oh aaahR heN" (her words, very softly spoken - almost whispered! You can only imaging what thoughts were going through my trousers at the time!) to ask for directions for the nearest restaurant, and to see if she would care to join me for lunch, as I would like to know more about the porn - was she an actress, I wondered.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was introduced to 'Colours' and enjoyed his tales of derring-do, and even asked my opinion of some of the Ops he'd been on! After lunch, (yes, she did join us) I was interviewed and duly processed, and then given an invitation to return the following week for my assessment and medical.

    [align=center]I was hooked![/align]

    Taff J, if you are out there and reading this and smiling to yourself, after all these years I have almost forgiven you!!!

    Mick J, The best oppo any man could ever have

    Tiger, Coz, Nelly - We always did manage to get back ... eventually!

    Mazda, you will always be an ex-Pongo! And I still maintain that if you have it and my team needs it, it is not theft ... merely a relocation of resources! :twisted:

    For anyone out there who might think that they know which team we were, think again! We were not involved in anything, at any time, anywhere! We were all Gouchos on the Pampas ... unless you can prove otherwise! :lol:

  17. (furthermore)

    I've been attending holding troop (RMR) for a while now, and have to say that I'm absolutely loving it. I really cant wait for the next session each time I leave. I only wish I'd joined a lot sooner.
    I can confidently say that my efforts so far have impressed the staff and earned myself praise (esp regarding my fitness levels) which is very encouraging. I feel that I've finally found my niche.
    Anyway, it's changed my life and outlook in so many ways and I would advise anyone thinking of joining to "go for it!".
    It's changed my life for the better.
  18. I guess i'm at the lower end of the spectrum... I'm awating recruit training now, i'll be starting september.

    As i see it, i never really wanted to sit behind a desk 9-5, or fix mobile phones, or fit kitchens... i'm a bit of an adrenaline junkey i guess,
    and what better way of getting an rush than putting your life on the line? :p Although, civi's do that all the time, be it crossing the road or even visiting granny...

    I'm not really in it for "serving your country" as we wouldn't be, we're doing the bidding of the MPs, but another big reason is comradery... that's good fun in the ole marines

  19. i totaly agree. im looking to join up after uni. i just dont see myself doing anything else. only perhaps Police or fire brigade. but the police are cutting down on jobs! (and its all paperwork). and trying to get into the fire brigade is just daft.

    and yeh, the only thing amking me doubt joining up is the fact that i will be "doing the bidding of the MP's"

    oh and WOW:-

    that is why, that is how. and my parent now couldnt convince me otherwise.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've just got back from the pub, I have probably just had one of the most honest, saddest most straight forward chats in all my life, with a guy that deploys to afganistan within the next few weeks.

    Dont join the RMR, it's not a fun game. Either join or dont.

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