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Inspiration needed......


I like to write cheeky little stories..... Trouble is my inspiration has deserted me..... I need some new ideas...... Help me boys and girls.....!!


Lantern Swinger
A tale set in Blackrat's cellar? Admittedly, there wouldn't be much dialogue, on account of all the denizens being duct taped, but you could get all arty-farty and creative about that.


War Hero
Are these stories about cheeky scamp matlows doing cheeky things like chinning off doing there rounds and going down the mess for a wet or more cheeky "he inserted his soft nosed projectile into her dripping wet bathy tube" stuff???


Lantern Swinger
Just write about characters in your local area, Redhead. I imagine Bodmin is full of them...


Maybe she knows what happened to MLP.....

That's a good story idea, like a modern version of the Wicker Man. O.O
Needs angry Cornishmen with burning torches and pitchforks though


War Hero
I once pulled a fucking stunner in the Eclipse in Bodmin. She must've been the only good looking bird in the whole of Cornwall.

Shame she was only 14.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
On the other hand, Redhead69 could just be a Wah!, trying to get you lot excited and 'spill the beans', so to speak... :oops:


War Hero
Sgtp...did you think this was me? Stupid boy! I may know who redhead69 is, but its not me.

As for MLP, I've checked my dungeon and I can't even find a bone....can't be blamed for that one either!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Redhead/Moomin: I never made the association - you did. Bit of a coincidence, though, innit..? Google and access to OP's IP addresses is a very handy tool, though... :wink:(Edit to add: Both IP addresses and Host details for Redhead69/Moomin are identical - my Wah! radar is still burning and turning)
Last edited:


War Hero
Sgtp.....there is more than 1 house on this farm.....and as we're using mobiles, we're using the same broadband. Your investigation skills let you down on that one. Teach you to be a smartarse!


War Hero
I'm a bit worried about 2 deck dash.....I mean, Eclipse....have you no shame? :)
Last edited:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Redhead69/Moomin: Paranoid much? And there's more to my investigative skills than I am prepared to divulge on RR... :roll:
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