Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scran_Bag, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. I used to dream about being an insomniac.
    Now I just can't dream.
  2. I slept and dreamed that life was beauty,
    I woke to find that life was DUTY !
  3. Ah, " To sleep, perchance to dream "
    If only.
    I need a cure. Know of one?
  4. Sure do, read some of the post on here by Levers Aligned. Does the trick for me :lol:
  5. Been following R.R. for some time now. It attracts all sorts, me included.
    I find LA's views mildly interesting but I think that I need something more tangible for the blessed sleep to come.
    I've tried drink, drugs, & drink & drugs but I still view too many sun-rises than I wish to.
    I think that a working lifetime of watches & shifts has bust my main spring in my body clock.
  6. I'm told that the ol' 9MM tranquilizer works wonders.
    The drawback is that it tends to be somewhat permanent.

    Have you tried reading a Michener novel?
  7. I suspect that the 9mm solution may cause too much sleep.
    Don't think I know of any works by Michener what's his/her usual topics?
  8. I spy the first glimmers of a rosy fingered dawn breaking ( that's poetic, not a tale of Lesbian love ) . Soon I shall be able to remove my cape & crawl back into my coffin that is known as day-time.
  9. Have you tried counting sheep? :roll:

  10. Thanks for the suggestion. however, I've tried counting sheep, tried Melatonin & even tried counting sheep taking Melatonin.
  11. Diurnal, Nocturnal or just 'ur(i)nal, I'm still up too bloody early!
  12. Methinks the world awakens slowly this fine Saturday morning.
    Welcome to the world Dicky B.
  13. Goodmorning, Scran Bag.
    Wish I had some hair for you to stand on.
  14. Alas, I'm also slightly deficient in the hair dept. myself nowadays.
    That saying has stuck with me since my basic training back in the 60's when some bloody awful git of a D.I. screamed it into my face, covering me with his spittle.
    Ah, the good old days.
  15. I wish i could stay awake, think of all the shite i could write on here.
  16. It's not too bad writing shite, it's just bloody hard going reading it !!
  17. Have you tried the BBC World Service - it doesn't help you to sleep but by golly you become very well informed! The late night and early morning shipping forecasts also let you in on the secret that the HM specialisation have stuff all to do - it's all automated.
  18. I haven't resorted to steam driven radio yet, but I'm tempted.
    At the moment, I'm experimenting with a mixture of Port & Benylin.
  19. Have you tried reading some good academic books on jurisprudence... they even make me doze off at times!

    I used to find a swim first thing in the morning (straight from bed that is) woke me up and paradoxically a swim last thing at night just before bed made me sleepy. Do you have a lake nearby you can swim in - the run over the dew drenched (or snow covered) grass is really quite invigourating.

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