Inside a Typhoon SSBN

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by WreckerL, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Seen that before, but always worth looking at again. I would love to go down one of these, or a Mike or an Oscar!
  2. I remember getting the info on these one morning brief and thought if the cold war ends and we go to war and them ruskies with those big barstards we am fucked!!!!!!
  3. They were a bastard to find and track as well.........allegedly.
  4. My lips (for once!) are sealed!
  5. Krap you could here 'em miles away. Our tatty 187 could pick it up!
  6. Sorry Poly, not a Typhoon you couldn't. The Soviets really upped their game in the closing stages of the Cold War, it didn't help that they got hold of Western anechoic tile technology.
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  7. Why were these so big, more missiles? we were told that we wouldnt get many away before the spy sats sent one right back at us, expected life span in the event was not many minutes.
  8. Yep, for a Black Dafty (Fwd) Wrecks is right on this one. Plus they used to 'ice-pick'. Google it, 'cos I ain't saying nuffink! Also, on one occassion we were sent out to find 'new model' Soviet boat and after several weeks, failed. It was only later when the records were at JAAC that they found that we had found it - just not tracked it.

    Then again I remember hearing my first Charlie and it sounded like a tin box full of bells!
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