Inshore training squadron ?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by jannerpig88, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. What was the name of the pass boat type things you did seamanship training on in the late 80's trip to Fowey etc . I am sure one was called "Manley or Manly"or the like but just can't remember !
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  2. Do you mean the MFV's

    There was one we used for dabber training in the late 70's when the boat was alongside for a while. 1 dabber officer, myself as the greenie, a stoker and a chef were "ships company" whilst the dabbers played at being sailors. Took it to Fowey and back one weekend.

    Think the one we used was Loyal Chancellor above.
  3. Wrecker, through the haze of years and alcohol I seem to recall they were fleet tenders, not MFVs; the latter were an earlier type. As I recall, there were a variety of fleet tenders in use, some used by the RMAS (Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service) and some by the RNXS (Royal Naval Auxiliary Service) and some indeed by the RN such HMS Manley. RN divers used them too. I think Loyal Chancellor was an RNXS tender originally, but your picture seems to show her in RN guise - possibly after the RNXS was wound down.

    Jannerpig, it's interesting to read your reference to "pass boat type things". I've seen other reference to "Paz boats" ( and other spelling variations) to describe small vessels used to transport personnel/stores etc. ( including locally hired vessels away from the UK) but the real expression was "PAS boat". It stood for Port Auxiliary Service, an organisation which used to operate the smaller support vessels around naval bases until it was amalgamated in the 70s into the existing RMAS.

    The other bit which might be of interest to the modern RN was that both the PAS and the RMAS continued a historical link with the navy of Nelson's day; they used the same black and buff colour scheme as HMS Victory.

    I can almost hear a Michael Caine-accented comment: "Not many people know that...."

    If I've got any of the above wrong - a distinct possibility - I'll claim that I was really playing Call My Bluff.
  4. It was more than a possibility that I was wrong. A bit of digging in an oldish book rather than Google showed that Jannerpig had the name right for Manly ( not Manley, as I thought) , and Mentor and Millbrook were the other two. The three of them were RN-manned at Plymouth attached to Raleigh, but whether they were "HMS" or not I can't remember - although they clearly wore the White Ensign. The Booties had another - Messina - attached to RM Poole.
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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The TRV's had the black and buff livery, I have had a quick scan for pics. but can't find any, locally manned but with British Captain, Mate and Engineer the TRV7 also had a Killick Sparker and UW.
  6. Back in 76 / 77 whilst at Fisgard we had a couple of days on 'Loyal Moderator' - a bit of navigation training I think. It was RNXS (I'm fairly certain of that, I'm sure it had designation RMAS Loyal Moderator) and flew the Blue Ensign. Definitely not directly RN.
    It was the same type as Wreckers image with the black and Buff livery Janner mentioned.

    2 days in winter off the sound, blowing a b!"£$%^d, rolling like a p*g, a lot of young tiffs very ill on there!!
  7. I was on an MFV for a week out of Fishguard , supply/liberty boat for Fife during Seaslug missle firings , and it was similar to Wrecks pic. Here is a PDF of Glamorgans use of MFV , the time off at Aberporth bit.


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  8. Motor Fishing Vessels
    All Motor Fishing Vessel classes
    The list is divided by navy, then ordered by commissioned date of each class (oldest first).


    Royal Navy
    MFV 1 (332) 1942 - 1946
    MFV 601 (309) 1943 - 1946
    MFV 1001 (192) 1943 - 1946
    MFV 1501 (58) 1943 - 1946
    MFV 425 (7) 1946 - 1946

    Please note that we list the classes by navies that initiated/owned the class. Often vessels of certain classes were then built for other nations (or lent), those ships are not visible here but only through the navies pages or by looking into each class.

    War losses: Motor Fishing Vessels

    Date Vessel Class

    [​IMG] 1944 HMS MFV 120 (MFV 120) MFV 1
    [​IMG] 27 Feb 1944 HMS MFV 70 (MFV 70) MFV 1
    [​IMG] 16 Aug 1944 HMS MFV 624 (MFV 624) MFV 601
    [​IMG] 13 Sep 1944 HMS MFV 1032 (MFV 1032) MFV 1001
    [​IMG] 14 Oct 1944 HMS MFV 117 (MFV 117) MFV 1
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I recall vaguely that for a few years there was a Raleigh training squadron made up of old inshore tenders - it went in the mid 1990s after defence cuts if memory serves.

    The RN got a lot of good use out of those tenders, and there are still some in private hands around the UK - one in Bristol does a lot of work with HMS FLYING FOX for RNR training.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Who else spent many hours sleeping on the MFV at Rothsey having missed its last liberty boat trip back to boat and having to wait for it to go out again in the morning?
  11. Me. Is there going to be a reunion?
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't think my old bones would stand up to sleeping on a wooden bench or deck the only bedding being your Burberry.

    Mind you that was more comfortable than the concrete bed and one blanket that the local Constabulary gave two of us one night. No breakfast either.
  13. Never underestimate the power of a gallon of heavy with whisky chasers to guarantee a good nights sleep wherever your bed is.
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  14. I was the "Yeoman" (although actually a Sparker ) on HMS Manly A92 1986-87. Best Draft I ever had. We ran from Guzz, 16 Wharf, with HMS Mentor and Millbrook, taking out Seamanship trainees from Raleigh for a week at a time. Although some weeks we ran with foreign Navy officer Nav training from Oman, Jordan, Saudi etc. Yes, indeed we flew the White ensign. Crew was normally a two ringer as Skipper, and a subby as 1st Lt. CPO Stoker, PO Seaman as the Coxswain, Killick Seaman as the Buffer, then one greeny, one steward, one chef, one stoker, a couple of AB Seamen, and one RO as the Yeoman. We would run along the south coast during the week, between Penzance and Poole, depending on the Skippers fancy, but mainly overnighting in Fowey. Only enough room on board to sleep two duty watch and the 13-15 class of Raleigh sprogs, so the rest of us had subsistence allowance to stay ashore in various B&Bs. As you may guess, the locals appreciated our custom especially in the winter months. We had cracking regular weeks in Falmouth, Mevagissey, Penzance, Torquay, and even the odd jaunt over to Jersey to ensure we qualified to still have DF allowance onboard.
    Cracking couple of years, but didn't do my RN Career as a Sparker any good, as we only had a VHF, Aldis and a flag locker, so spent most of my time either hurtling around driving the Gemini sea boat, or at the Helm. Everyone just mucked in doing everyone else's job, so never a dull moment.
    Manly, Mentor and Millbrook had a larger wheelhouse/Bridge, and full beam structure Wardroom, Galley, and very tight dining room compared to some of the other similar fleet tenders.
    Our official war time roll would have been Boom Defence, not that we ever put it to practice. Records suggest that Manly was scrapped, Millbrook was working as a dive ship in Spain somewhere, and Mentor may well be the one running as a Charter boat out of Bristol.

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  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst waiting to start SSMEM course in 1981, I worked in the engine room on MFV 175 (Sultan Venturer) which used to ply between Royal Clarence Yard (Gosport) and Yarmouth (IoW). A cracking job.

  16. A Chief Stoker once told me he served on one of those three, (I can't remember which).
    As he had a few months seniority to his opposite numbers on the other two he reckoned that made him Squadron MEO (SMEO) :D
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