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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nellysflipflop, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. Morning all,
    As the title indicates I am an inservice candidate who will be attending A.I.B shortly. Knowing that inservice candidates have a lower success rate than their civilian counterparts this is just an enquiry to see if anyone has any idea where inservice candidates fail to prepare?

    I know that I will be assessed under the same criteria as all other candidates and the only thing that may differ will be the interview, am I correct to believe that my interview will be focused on my inservice experiences?

  2. Also just out of interest how many visits to an afco would a candidate on average make from first interest to AIB attendance?
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  3. I don't know if this would affect you or not, but I know a former-CPO who said that a WO1 he knew wasn't selected for promotion because he seemed too comfortable in his current job.
  4. I'm going for UY so i doubt that will be an issue and although comfortable I am for sure not staying in my current employment successful or not.
  5. Its not something I have direct experience of but a UY candidate on my AIB reckoned he failed first time because his Q101 and interview examples were all from in service, which I think makes a lot of sense.

    I don't think there's too many things you could say that would impress a board if it formed part of your job especially given the majority of candidates in your situation give the same examples. Does it show someone with leadership/officer potential or just someone who has used their training and is good at their job?

    I would try and use your initiative and go out and arrange/organise something and see if you can't raise a bit of money for charity in the process.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Three, as follows:

    Initial Careers Presentation- AFCO (45 mins)
    Recruiting Test - AFCO (Allow two hours - test is 44 minutes duration)
    Eyetest - Optician
    Medical - "Local" medical practitioner
    PJFT - "Local" fitness centre
    SIFT - AFCO (about an hour)
    AIB - HMS Sultan
  7. Thanks ksvb, I just received my Q101 yesterday from my LO and it makes sense for it to not be all service based. My aib is Dec 10th so I dont have enough time to arrange much but I have a few other examples I can use.

    Ninja, thanks for the info. I'm imagining I may get asked about inservice candidates compared to civilians so its interesting to know how often they are under some type of assessment.
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  8. The UY/SUY who come sucessfully through AIB are some of the very best candidates out of all who apply including civillians. The failure rate for civvy entrants to BRNC is about 12% - for UY/SUY it is almost (but not quite) zero. Due to prior knowledge and experience the Board do expect more from UY candidates and are always looking for that person who stands out - having some non-service related stuff to talk about will definitly help. If you have completed LRCC/SRCC that will help you out too as the leadership stuff at AIB is from the same cupboard... current affairs knowledge is crucial so get yourself a good paper to help spam up - afraid the Sun doesn't quite cut it for this!!
    I have seen both sides of the fence - sending my lads up for AIB and being on staff in officers phase 1 so any thing I can help with please shout... always nice to see more UY/SUYs making it thorough - means we have to put up with fewer young civvy graduates (personal opinion of course!).
  9. Being a JR my newspaper choices are ONLY the sun or the daily sport! so this may pose a problem. The failure rate is interesting as I have been trying to find that out from numerous sources (including sto3). AIB for me is very much a one shot no remake due to age and being in a branch with v slow promotion, ruling out SUY. As a phase 1 staff did you look towards the UY's to offer more to the class in terms of using their experiences to help the ypunger guys?
  10. I am also going for my AIB at moment with intention of UY route, I have been advised to have a read of papers such as 'The I' and also The Economist has some good articles in it.

    Try not to concentrate on the failure rate to much fella, I completed SRLC a few years ago and on the initial briefs on day one a guy asked what the failure rate was to then go and fail his fitness test later that day!!! Just think about getting through it and you will go in with a more positive attitude.

    In relation to your last question you will automatically give your oppos a helping hand cause you are that bit more experience with general military life.
  11. That is a bite isn't it?
  12. I get what your saying about the positive thinking, its mainly for my own benefit so I dont make any mistakes that can be avoided. The brnc failure rates I actually see as a benefit of sorts for an inservice candidate. I have been reading "the week" and numerous broadsheets, this also provides great ammo for "your not wardroom yet" banter...great. I found the maritime doctrine a great read as well.
  13. Just playing up to the stereotype. We have nuts and zoo also.
  14. Assistance

    I recently passed AIB as an in service UY, so if you need any specific help, i'm more than happy to help (PM me).

    More generally though, in terms of prep:

    • My Q101 was an equal mix of both in service examples and those from my personal experiences. I would definitely recommend that any in service examples you give should be times you have volunteered to do things over and above whats generally expected of you in your role/current rate.

    • I was the only UY on my AIB, the other 7 starting when I did all had more knowledge than me on general RN stuff, for the naval knowledge tests, questions such as number of hospital beds onboard RFA Argus, types of landing craft etc...I was quite surprised by this. With some research though and general brushing up you should easily get high 80's on this.

    • Fitness test, nothing to say here, run until you can't run any more, simple.

    • Practice some essay writing, get someone onboard to pick some Defence related/current affairs topics and sit in a quiet compartment for 45 and write two sides of A4, plan what you are going to put in each paragraph.

    • PLT's key thing with these is to take in what they tell you at the safety briefs, and when you do your task, be loud, clear, to the point where you are embarrassed really, and don't stop. I didn't complete my task but if you demonstrate control and a clear head this doesnt matter.

    • Planning exercise, this one is unlike anything you will have done to date most likely. For this one i'd sit down with an Officer whose been through it and explain the process.

    Buy yourself a copy of The Times a few times each week if you're not a regular news reader, its good to have a grasp of current events .

    All 4 on my board passed, ranging from a non graduate 18 year old to myself a 9 years served CPO, it takes all sorts, the key thing is to be confident and gel with those you're in it with.

    Good Luck!
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  15. I like how those that have passed AIB like giving advice to those who they'll shortly be competing against for extraction. It's almost beautifully naive.
  16. It would be if I hadn't been extracted yesterday, so now free to help those out if they want it...I had plenty of advice from all corners, it does get to the point where you want to just crack on and do it!
  17. That's ok then. Knowledge is power my friend.
  18. Bollix is it, I was reading a book when there was a power cut.
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  19. Better get the maskers out the wrecker ;o)
  20. or just hand it over to the next watch.

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